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Nurse Residency

Iowa City, IA

Job Information:

Assess patients’ nursing care needs, evaluate effectiveness of care provided, and integrate nursing theory and research into clinical practice.   Provide leadership to members of the nursing team in order to maintain patient care standards.


Clinical Practice:
  • Incorporates scientific, behavioral and humanistic principles for application to clinical practice.
  • Utilizes, adheres and supports departmental standards and practice guidelines.
  • Applies nursing theory to the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation of patient responses to health and illness.  
  • Assesses patient health care preferences and expectations.
  • Collaboratively coordinates the continuum of care across settings.
  • Develops patient care plan based on patient condition, age, and psychological, educational, and socioeconomic conditions that prescribes interventions to attain expected outcomes.
  • Implements patient care plan according to patient priorities, which includes interventions identified through nursing diagnoses.  Documents/reports interventions and patient/family response.
  • Collaborates and integrates contributions of patients and families into multidisciplinary patient care plan.
  • Develops, coordinates and implements transfer/discharge planning throughout episode of care.
  • Implements nursing interventions according to department, division, and/or unit policies, procedures, and protocols to maintain safe environment for patients, visitors and staff.Follows universal precautions.
  • Implements emergency care procedures in potential or actual emergencies according to departmental policies, procedures and protocols.
  • Maintains skills/competency related to special equipment, medications, and procedures common to the patient population of the unit/division.
  • Evaluates patient's response to multidisciplinary care.
  • Uses evaluation data to revise and implement change.

  • Assumes accountability for the provision of care for patients.  
  • Assumes responsibility for care provided by self and other staff members under the nurse's direction.
  • Evaluates the quality of nursing care provided by other staff members.
  • Participates as a member of the health care team utilizing effective communication skills.
  • Participates in the development of unit, division, department and hospital policies, procedures and protocols.
  • Contributes to the solutions of staffing issues.
  • Contributes to cost containment strategies in unit.
  • Participates in projects/committees for enhanced functioning of the unit and supports unit level decision-making.
  • Responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of an interdisciplinary plan of care.
  • Participates in ongoing strategic planning process.
  • Participates in the development and implementation of computer applications.
  • Performs other projects or tasks as assigned.

  • Develops and implements patient/family teaching plan based on identified health education needs and the condition and age of the patient. 
  • Evaluates and documents effectiveness of patient/family teaching.  Revises plan of care.
  • Participates in the orientation of new nursing staff and the ongoing education of nursing personnel, as directed by the Nurse Manager or designee.
  • Participates in formal and informal teaching with health care students.
  • Serves as clinical teaching assistant for senior level nursing students as directed by the Nurse Manager or designee.
  • Quality Assessment/Quality Improvement:
  • Participates in research utilization activities.  
  • Integrates research findings into practice.
  • Applies quality improvement principals to improve patient outcomes.
  • Participates in quality improvement activities.
  • Responsible for identification of improvement opportunities.
  • Professional Responsibilities:
  • Functions as a patient advocate.
  • Incorporates the principles of Service Leadership to ensure positive patient/customer relations.
  • Maintains confidentiality.
  • Practices within legal boundaries of the Nurse Practice Act.
  • Complies with personnel policies.
  • Evaluates and validates performance with Nurse Manager or designee and sets goals for work performance.
  • Commits to ongoing learning to maintain and expand own knowledge.
  • Participates in professional development activities.
  • Demonstrates effective interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Remains calm and constructive in conflict situations.
  • Provides recognition and support for colleagues.
  • Incorporates the principles of Service Leadership to ensure positive patient/customer relations
  • Adheres to UIHC policies regarding personal conduct, including: follows established leadership, remaining responsive to instruction and coaching from supervisors and meeting the standards of personal appearance, attendance and punctuality.


General supervision is received from the Nurse Manager, Associate Director, Senior Associate Director or designee.


Functional supervision is exercised over the unit nursing personnel.  
Delegates to licensed or unlicensed personnel.

Expected completion of an academic RN program within 4 months of application date, or completion of an academic RN program within 1 year of application date with no prior RN experience is required.
Demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills with patients/families, nursing staff, and interdisciplinary team members as demonstrated through written and verbal interactions.
General computer skills required.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required.

Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing or Masters Degree in Nursing is highly desired.
Knowledge of University of Iowa policies and procedures is desired.

Current license to practice nursing in Iowa is required by start date.

Positive Impact/Achieving Results:  Ability to utilize existing resources and learning to achieve or exceed desired outcomes of current and future organizational goals/needs. Able to demonstrate ethical behavior in diverse situations while producing results.
Service Excellent/Customer Focus:  Ability to meet or exceed customer service needs and expectations and provide excellent service in a direct or indirect manner. Ability to effectively transmit and interpret information through appropriate communication with internal and external customers.
Collaboration and Embracing Diversity:  Ability to work with a variety of individuals and groups in a constructive and civil manner while appreciating the unique contribution of individuals from varied cultures, race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Posted 06/11/18

Job ID: 64595