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Supervisor - Inpatient Pharmacy Operations

Cedar Rapids, IA

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The Supervisor, Inpatient Pharmacy Operations is responsible for the supervision of the Pharmacy staff as well as daily and ongoing activities within the department. The Supervisor, Inpatient Pharmacy Operations assumes the responsibility for the operational activities of the department. The Supervisor, Inpatient Pharmacy Operations is expected to understand and support the Mission and Vision of St. Luke’s Hospital. The Supervisor, Inpatient Pharmacy Operations is responsible for carrying out the philosophy and objectives as established by the Board of Directors and the Leadership Team. Foremost among these responsibilities are solving practical and strategic problems, resolving conflict and constructively leading change.

The Supervisor, Inpatient Pharmacy Operations works closely and collaboratively with the rest of the Pharmacy leadership team to assure effective and efficient department operation. The Supervisor, Inpatient Pharmacy Operations works in consultation with the Director of Pharmacy Services to assure that the functioning of the department meets the needs of the hospital and the Medical Staff and the associates of Unity Point Health System.

  1. QUALIFICATIONS / EXPERIENCE: Must be a Registered Pharmacist with a current license to practice pharmacy in the State of Iowa. Must have a minimum of five years of relevant pharmacy experience, hospital experience preferred. Experience in a Supervisor or other leadership role is desirable. Must possess excellent communication skills. Must read, write and speak fluent English.
  2. MENTAL / COGNITIVE DEMANDS: Must be able to understand written, visual and other sensory stimuli. Must have the ability to analyze written and spoken English. Must be able to cope effectively with stressful situations, and time constraints. Must be able to interpret scientific data in a logical and coherent manner. Must be able to logically solve problems. Must be able to follow detailed written and verbal instructions. Must direct and manage others. Must be able to work well with others.

  • Facilitates department quality and performance improvement activities through review of medication errors and adverse medication events, internal quality audits and participation on the departmental Performance Improvement committee.
  • Interacts with customers, including patients, physicians, other hospital personnel and Unity Point Health System personnel in a pleasant and professional manner and appearance.
  • Interviews applicants; recommends hiring, promotion, and termination for associates within area of responsibility.
  • Is knowledgeable of hospital and department compliance requirements for federally funded healthcare programs (e.g. Medicare and Medicaid) regarding fraud, waste and abuse. Brings any questions or concerns regarding compliance to the immediate attention of hospital administrative staff. Takes appropriate action on concerns reported by department staff related to compliance.
  • Is responsible for executing and monitoring professional practices in order to meet necessary standards, recommendations and requirements of voluntary and government agencies (i.e. TJC, Iowa Board of Pharmacy Examiners, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), State Board of Health, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  • Keeps current with applicable regulation requirements as well as new drug therapies in area(s) of specific responsibility; documents, prepares recommendations and implements decisions relating to capital equipment, procedures, clinical activities, and quality assurance to assure a competitive posture for the hospital and Unity Point Health System.
  • Maintains appropriate staffing levels to meet production and service demands.
  • Maintains the professional expertise and skills necessary to assure the proper interpretation, safe preparation and dispensing of medications for hospital patients, associates, and others.
  • Maintains the professional expertise and skills necessary to exhibit and maintain knowledge in the utilization of all automation facilitating inpatient pharmacy practice. (e.g. Epic and Pyxis products)
  • Oversees controlled distribution of new/revised standard operating procedures and policies
  • Participates actively on interdepartmental committees / teams as appropriate.
  • Participates as necessary in counseling, commendation, and discipline of staff.
  • Performs annual performance assessments.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Provides leadership, motivation and guidance for other Supervisors, Coordinators and Pharmacy staff, reacting to situations or problems in which they are involved, counseling and guiding their activities and making decisions when problems are encountered.
  • Purposefully conducts all aspects of the job in an ethical manner in support of the hospital’s commitment to ethical behavior in all areas of personal and professional activity.
  • Recommends and adjusts department procedures and services as necessary for improved patient care, physician relations, public image, efficiency, and / or cost effectiveness. Patients served include all age groups from neonates to geriatrics.
  • Recommends or modifies policies to enhance the effectiveness of present operations.
  • The Supervisor, Inpatient Pharmacy Operations is a member of the department Leadership Team and supports the direction and achievement of the hospital’s short and long range goals.
  • Adheres, exhibits and promotes St. Luke’s Standards of Excellence.
  • Assists in achieving the institutional goals by promoting the development, preparation, implementation, and attainment of departmental goals, policies, and projects so as to improve quality, availability, and accessibility of services and information.
  • Assists in maintains and updates the Master List of all policies, processes, procedures and related forms
  • Assists the annual review of all standard operating procedures
  • Assists in the coordination of medication use policy activities related to the computerized physician order entry system within Unity Point Health.
  • Assists with design, performs and presents internal audits of operational processes to ensure compliance with regulatory and accreditation standards.
  • Assists with implementation of TJC standard compliance involving medication management.
  • Assists with pharmaceutical inventory management and supply purchasing is performed in an efficient and effective manner with due consideration of established formulary guidelines and cost restraints.
  • Assures sterile product preparation complies with existing regulatory and quality standards.
  • Assures non- sterile product preparation complies with existing regulatory and quality standards.
  • Assures non-sterile compounding preparation complies with existing regulatory and quality standards
  • Attends in-services, on the job training, and participates in continuing education programs to meet licensure requirements, developmental needs and keep abreast of new technologies. Attends at least 75% of required departmental and management group meetings.
  • Communicates clearly, openly, and consistently with management and staff to assure common access to hospital and department information to promote trust and confidence.
  • Compiles summary data for medication errors and adverse medication events, performance improvement indicators, quality control indications and competency for identification improvement to system processes.
  • Coordinates, leads, and coaches the people, teams and programs within the Pharmacy as a whole to accomplish the goals and objectives of the hospital and the department to insure that Unity Point Health System remains a leader in health care delivery.
  • Develops and implements competency testing of staff and appropriate documentation.
  • Develops and maintains a process to ensure document control
  • Directs the resolution of complex technical problems, utilizing resources as needed and providing consultation and advice.
  • Responsible for the education activities of Doctor of Pharmacy students in conjunction with the College of Pharmacy in which the student is enrolled
  • Understands and adheres to all safety practices while performing duties to minimize any risk of injury and / or exposure to hazardous material.


Posted 07/27/17

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