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Credit Analyst

Cedar Rapids, IA

Job Information:

Primary duty is providing support to the Relationship Manager (RM) and Associate Relationship Manager (ARM) by performing a variety of administrative, analytical, and reporting tasks related to the management of the commercial credit portfolio.

  1. Assists ARM or RM in the credit underwriting process by preparing financial statement spreads, tax to cash analysis, DTI analysis, ROE analysis and other supporting documents as necessary.  Pulls credit reports on borrowers and/or guarantors, reviews client organizational documents, and prepares adverse action notices.
  2. Assists RM and ARM with internal servicing of the portfolio by completing credit inquiries, completing risk rating change documentation and performing floor plan checks/audits.
  3. Prepares change requests and term loan reviews as directed by the ARM/RM.
  4. Prepares non-narrative section of the credit request for deals under $150,000.
  5. Underwrites business credit card requests as needed.
  6. Manages the portfolio tracking process, including: gathering and entering data in the financial statement, borrowing base, covenant, marketable securities, and guidance line tracking reports; barcoding financial statements and; preparing, reviewing, and distributing the monthly tracking report.
  7. Manages the loan committee process, including the preparation and distribution of both the loan packets and the Loan Committee Agenda.
  8. Prepares annual review of banks from whom we purchase loans as directed by the Credit Department Manager.
  9. Assists the RM in completion of monthly or quarterly problem loan reports by completing the non-narrative sections of the report(s).
  10. Manages a variety of routine administrative and reporting functions as assigned, including the ACH Annual Report, pre-exam checklists and Participations Sold report.

  1. Supports the RM and ARM as appropriate.
  2. Interacts and cooperates with loan administrative staff and/or ARM’s to provide timely response to internal and external customer inquiries and servicing needs.  
  3. Participates in monthly all-staff meetings and other bank events.

Application Instructions:

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Posted 03/30/18

Job ID: 63808