Main Street Program Director

Marion Chamber of Commerce

The Director is responsible for developing, managing and implementing the Main Street organization’s overall objectives including Main Street policies and initiatives, annual business plan, and annual budget, providing timely updates to all appropriate audiences. Responsible for recruiting, retaining and expanding the Main Street Program.

This position reports to the Main Street Advisory Board and the staff President of the Marion Chamber of Commerce.


  • Business & Strategic Plan: Guides the development of the Main Street organization’s overall business plan and how it relates to the overall organizations strategic plan and is responsible for achieving the specific objectives & initiatives outlined in each plan.
  • Investment & Sales: Oversees all investor pledge drives and is directly responsible for the recruitment of new investors and retention of existing investors. Responsible for maintaining the investment at a level which will insure necessary income for the operation of the organization. Oversees the maintenance of existing investors including invoicing and classification of investor levels if necessary.
  • Project Management: Plans, organizes, and manages projects specific to the district. Examples include but are not limited to: events, public art and community beatification projects that are aimed at achieving a specific goal or outcome. The director will use knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to coordinate processes, team members, and other resources to deliver projects that meet requirements and exceed goals.
  • Communications: Responsible for overseeing and managing communication initiatives to all Main Street investors as well as the general public. Attends City Council meetings on Main Street-related topics. Meets with city, county and other government entities, including community leaders and developers, to lend support for overall business development endeavors within the Main Street district. Responsible for developing media releases to ensure maximum coverage of promotional activities and will encourage design excellence in all aspects of promotion in order to advance an image of quality for the Uptown Main Street District. To ensure organizational branding, the Main Street director will work closely with the Director of Member Services (chamber of commerce) to develop communication pieces that fit the chamber organizations existing brand.
  • Director will conduct on-going public awareness and education programs designed to enhance appreciation of the uptown’s assets and to foster an understanding of the Main Street program’s goals and objectives. Will use speaking engagements, media interviews and personal appearances to keep the program in the public eye.
  • Committees: Assists in selecting and appointing qualified personnel for committee assignments. Counsels people or committees on work procedures and goals within current Main Street guidelines. Coordinates and oversees the work of all committees, divisions and/or departments, delegating supervision of committees as appropriate.
  • Policy: Plans long-range policies to help achieve stated organizational goals with assistance from the Main Street Advisory Board and staff President. Reviews projects or proposals originating in committee (or elsewhere) and recommends proper committee assignment where needed. Recommends projects for Board action and, upon approval, works with staff and/or committees to implement policies or projects.
  • Personnel: Works with entire staff to ensure all staff are aware and understand the Main Street business plan. Coordinates internal structure of the Main Street organization with overall resources of the Marion Chamber to create the most efficient operation possible.
  • Finance: Is responsible for managing the organization’s line items as they relate to the overall Marion Chamber & Main Street budgets. This includes approving specific expenditures and overseeing office maintenance (e.g. replacing equipment, etc.) used solely for Main Street purposes, and is responsible for maintaining a balanced budget to avoid generating a deficit. Works with the staff President on a monthly basis to maintain budgets.
  • Community Development: Under an evolving Board of Advisors, the Main Street Program Director is responsible for maintaining continuity and consistency in programming. Based on proper research of district needs, must anticipate emerging and long-range challenges and recommend Main Street and community programs to meet such challenges. Functions as the coordinating agent and point of contact for area civic and service organizations. Determines role of Main Street in community events (sponsorships, etc.) and along with the rest of our staff, represents the entire organization at these events.
  • Economic Development: Collaborates with MEDCO (Marion Economic Development Corporation) to ensure communication and alignment of Marion Chamber and Main Street strategies and objectives in support of economic development.

The director will develop and maintain data systems to track the progress of the local Main Street program. These systems should include economic monitoring, individual building files, photographic documentation of physical changes and statistics on job creation and business retention. These activities will be done with the assistance of the entire organization.

In relation to investors, the Director must motivate investors to support, personally and financially, Marion’s Main Street program. The Director must analyze and interpret the needs of investors and recommend revisions that may enhance investor value and/or improve service delivery.

Through personal contacts with key community leaders, the Director helps shape the community, and is called upon frequently to relate the Main Street organization to many other groups as it pertains to the role it plays in contributing to the improvement of the commercial and civic life of the community. The Director must continually strive to develop a better public understanding of the purpose and functions of the Main Street District.

The Director will work with and advise existing chamber committees on Main Street program activities and goals, help coordinate joint promotional events, such as festivals or business promotions, to improve the quality and success of events and attract people to Uptown Marion; work closely with local media to ensure maximum coverage of promotional activities; encourage design excellence in all aspects of promotion.


  • Four year degree required
  • 3-5 years of experience in the fields of marketing/ public relations, economic development and/or related fields
  • Previous non-profit experience desirable
  • Experience with historic preservation preferred
  • Sound fiscal management
  • Enthusiasm and passion for the community
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Strong team leader and team builder
  • Organizational skills to handle multiple priorities
  • Ability to operate all Microsoft Office programs
  • Graphic Design experience preferred.
Applying for:

Main Street Program Director

Marion Chamber of Commerce

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Applying for:

Main Street Program Director

Marion Chamber of Commerce

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