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Sr. Process Engineer

Cedar Rapids, IA

Job Information:

General Description:
The Senior Process Engineering position requires a ChemE degree and 10+ years consulting engineering experience.  The position is located in Cedar Rapids, IA

The Senior Process Engineering (SPE) position will be responsible for the detailed processing engineering activities of FQPT’s technology. The role of the SPE will include enhancing and maintaining the detailed procedures and guidelines to ensure the highest quality process engineering solutions possible that exceed FQPT’s client expectations. The SPE will be integral to develop, create, manage and optimize the process engineering workflow from the initial customer discussions all the way through the system start-up and close out. Adaption and modifications to the process engineering workflow should be an on going task for the SPE role as the goal of continued process enhancement is key to this position. The SPE will inherently act as an internal Project Manager in moving the process engineering work flow through the entire stag gate process from the initial project conception through detailed engineering and into the system start-up and optimization.

The SPE will be accountable for all aspects of a typical Schedule A engineering package, which includes items such as P&ID development, M&EB detailed calculation and simulations, overall system (equipment and piping) capacity sizing, design specifications, system/equipment layouts, instrumentation specifications, equipment and detailed line list development and management and document all system changes throughout the process from initial conceptualization through construction updates and project closeout. Coordination efforts with 3rd party engineering companies and in-house engineering experts is essential to this role.

Additionally the SPE role will include support for on going and new R&D activities tied to FQPT’s current and future technologies. This may include the development of key testing methods/systems as well as performing given test and/or overseeing development work as needed. Additional pilot plant work and system design efforts may be required from time to time.

The SPE is expected to fully understand all phases of construction activities as well as customer interactions and have the demonstrated ability to accurately and timely communicate to all vested parties involved in the engineering project. Timely communications include the FPQT leadership team, all vendors/suppliers and key facility management personnel and contractors. Additionally the SPE must understand and be competent to address engineering/project budget issues and ensure all timeline are met or exceeded. Additionally the SPE must take the necessary corrective solutions to mitigate any budget constraints.

Role and Responsibilities:
The SPE will ensure the smooth and timely development of the detailed Schedule A package requirements for all FQPT technologies. The SPE will help develop and drive the overall process engineering work flow system and will work directly along with other process engineering team members to ensure their work is accurate, detailed and timely to ensure all client delivery dates are met. The SPE will report to the Engineering Manager in the Cedar Rapids, IA office. Additional work requirements include the development of critical process flows, data tracking and the overall creation of a robust process engineering work flow.

Additionally, it is expected that the SPE will assist in system start-ups at the FQPT client properties as needed and the SPE will help develop and present all training material at each client location prior to a system start-up.

Additional roles, responsibilities and key skills include;
  • Highly proficient in process engineering and process/project management
  • Acts safely and instills a strong safety behavior at all times whether at the FQPT office or on client processing facilities
  • Ensures job/work flow accountabilities are clearly understood by all parties involved and acted upon in a timely manner
  • Established internal metrics to ensure project/process success – fully communicates those metrics and takes necessary corrective actions when needed
  • Ability to hold him/herself fully accountable for performance measurements and adjust work flow as needed
  • Instills a high quality work environment at all times as well as demonstrates a strong QA/QC process for all process engineering work flows
  • Effectively identifies and analyzes pre-construction problems/issues with the design documentation and takes timely steps to rectify and communicate identified issues
  • Highly proficient in project management and project execution
  • Proficient in ChemCAD or Aspen modeling software is desired, but not essential
  • Highly proficient in detailed chemical engineering calculations, including but not limited to pump, line and tank/equipment sizing, system/equipment specifications, mass and energy balance work among other core engineering disciplines.
  • Strong communication with internal and external customers
  • Ability to clearly communicate up to the FQPT Leadership team and be able to clearly communicate with pears
  • Leads by example and can mentor when needed junior engineering team members
  • Foresees potential system roadblocks and takes corrective measures to mitigate issues
  • Budget/timeline management skills – ability to develop and manage a detailed process engineering budget/timeline, with the ability to accurately project future project costs and project/process completion estimates
  • Ability to fully read, develop, draft and understand P&ID’s and detailed construction drawings
  • Mechanical aptitude to assist the construction team for start-up systems and the ability to provide troubleshooting skills/tools
  • Detailed civil (site and soil prep, concrete/rebar, structural steel) comprehension of industrial projects is required
  • Piping (mechanical), electrical (MCC switch gear, transformers, motor wiring) and automation (instrumentation wiring and installation) knowledge and design details is a must
  • Examine/Inspect field conditions to identify problems, inaccuracies, and cost saving opportunities, while recommend/implement corrective actions where necessary and incorporate those learnings into future process engineering documentation
  • Manage document control; receive and maintain control log of new-issue drawings and other project/process documents
  • Review and issue new drawings and contractor documents for change of conditions; quantify impact of changes and review with management; distribute new issues to project teams

Management Skills Required:
  • Handles themselves in a professional manner at all times, even during challenging situations with internal and external clients, vendors and contractors
  • Seeks a win:win approach to resolve any conflicts/issues
  • Maintains a high level of productivity and effectiveness when experiencing major changes/challenges
  • Demonstrates the ability to make tough decisions and take appropriate actions
  • Establishes open lines of communication
  • Identifies and communicates internal and external best demonstrated practices

Additional Requirements:
Detailed Process engineering experience is a must with this position. 10+ years of consulting engineering experience required.  A chemical engineering degree is required.  Experience in the chemical, refining, Ag (corn, soy, etc...) processing or bio-refining fields is desired. Strong knowledge of system engineering, mass and energy balance, system/equipment sizing/specification along with engineering cost estimation, mechanical system understanding and check-out, system start-up and commissioning experience, training, safety oversight, and general set-up of operations also preferred.
Must have proven abilities and skills in leadership, client relations, delegating, planning, organizing, problem solving, conflict resolution, high safety standards and cost management control. Successful candidate must set standards of excellence in safety, quality and productivity.
Travel: Travel of up to 40% is expected at various times with this position. Travel expense is reimbursed directly to employee.
Location: Cedar Rapids, IA office
Education: Position requires a BS degree in Chemical Engineering
Salary: Commensurate with experience
Type: Full time
Additional Information:
FQPT offers an attractive base salary; health and dental insurance; annual performance reviews, annual bonus base on work and company performance and a 401K plan. As such, FQPT seeks employees with an entrepreneurial spirit, superior verbal and written skills and with very strong analytic aptitude. To earn a competitive compensation, employees will also have an enthusiastic personality, be highly motivated and able to demonstrate sound judgment and a high degree of personal integrity and initiative in an unstructured environment. FQPT is an equal opportunity and an at will employer.

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Sr. Process Engineer

Fluid Quip Process Technologies

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Posted 05/15/18

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