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Job Description

School information:

ICON Arts Academy is a performing arts boarding high school located in downtown Iowa City, Iowa.  Our mission is to provide students with a safe, interdisciplinary, and holistic arts education with a focus on designing a path specific to each learner’s personal artistic goals.   


Job Search:

We are building a team of innovative educators, artists, and leaders to guide our students’ daily learning.  


At ICON, we are seeking a Dance faculty member to design and implement a progressive dance curriculum to grow students in modern dance, composition, and contemporary dance. This faculty member will design and teach a dance curriculum to students in grades 9-12, as well as direct/co-direct student-led performances.  


General Job Description:
We are looking for an experienced dance artist-pedagogue to develop and build our Dance program.  In this role, you will curate a comprehensive curriculum that develops students’ skill in the areas of their chosen concentration: classical or contemporary.  At the most basic level, your work will consist of developing strong and trusting relationships with our students both within the classroom and in performance settings, guiding them to achieve their artistic goals.  More broadly, you will also innovate and collaborate with other artist-pedagogues as well as students across disciplines to support successful student-led productions.  


You will collaborate with the music, theater arts, and design and production faculty on the ICON Artistic Team (IAT), headed up by the Artistic Director (AD) and facilitated by the Curriculum and Instruction Director (CID).  This team will ensure students’ artistic curricular goals are being met and that the most effective and research-driven pedagogical practices are in place inside ICON classrooms.  You will serve as the first touchpoint for all dance students at ICON when they need guidance and curricular support.  You will communicate student progress with families as outlined by the IAT and be available to provide feedback to your students as they progress through the dance program.  


The Dance Faculty position reports to the CID and is supported by the ICON Leadership Team (ILT).


Job Specifications:

  • Design and implement a progressive, creative, and collaborative dance curriculum that centers around individual dance students’ goals.
    • Maintain scope and sequence and unit plans for all courses taught, sharing curriculum as appropriate with the IAT.
    • Design, lead and instruct dance classes in your area of expertise (modern technique, contemporary, composition).
    • Align learning content with the current National Dance Standards.
    • Plan differentiated activities for students to provide rigor for all unique learners, highlighting student assets and developing culturally responsive curriculum. 
      • This may include hiring a few part-time dance faculty to support concentrations within the program (i.e. contemporary dance, dance composition)
      • Oversee part-time dance faculty to assure they are designing content and building classroom culture aligning with ICON’s mission and values.  
      • Work with part-time faculty to provide develop small group, solo, duet, and trio performances co-created/directed with students
      • Facilitate student performances (whole group, small group)
    • Work closely with IAT to support strong collaboration across disciplines in the design of Project-Based Learning (PBL). 
    • Work as a team member to visualize ICON mission statement and encourage and implement critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity through PBL.
    • Work closely with the AD and other IAT members to design, develop, and create performance opportunities for dance students; choreograph original works as applicable and set pieces for showcases
    • Attend monthly meetings with the IAT.
  • Work with the marketing and design team to maintain social media presence and advertising.
  • Provide resources, support and guidance in creative expression and building confidence to all ICON students regardless of area of focus or current enrollment in dance classes.
  • Collaborate with other artists within the Iowa City community for outreach and educational opportunities.
    • Find and supervise visiting artists for specialized classes, performances, or events.
  • Shape student dance audition requirements, attend audition tour as needed, and help make admissions decisions.
  • Refer dance students as needed to Student Life Team for additional support and resources.
  • Report progress of dance students to families as outlined by the IAT.
  • Develop classroom expectations that are clear and consistent to build positive rapport with students and align classroom culture with ICON’s mission and values.  
  • Foster an inclusive and equitable school environment.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by AD or CID of ICON.


Required Training and Experience:

  • Experience teaching modern and/or contemporary technique and dance composition
  • Experience choreographing 
  • Experience working with children ages 14-18 
  • College degree in dance
  • Expertise and experience in a professional dance field



  • Experience auditioning, casting, and directing dance works
  • Masters in dance 
  • Teaching experience/licensure in the arts/dance
  • Leadership experience in an arts organization 


Combinations of related education and experience may be considered. 


Required Skills and Qualities: 

  • Excellent verbal, written, and communication ability 
  • Strong project management and organizational skills
  • Works effectively with a broad range of diverse population, teenagers from 14-19 years old; demonstrates cultural competency
  • Interested in working with high school students in a boarding school environment
  • Maintains a high degree of professionalism
  • Possesses flexibility to work in a fast paced, dynamic environment
  • Seeks to acquire knowledge in area of specialty
  • Highly thorough and dependable
  • Demonstrates high integrity and the ability to maintain sensitive and confidential information
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the necessary balance between student academic, artistic, and personal life
  • Compassionate and nurturing attitude toward all students
  • Team-oriented
  • Demonstrated commitment to fostering an inclusive community and equitable community, with high responsivity to the needs of students, staff, and families
  • Commitment to learning about and practicing anti-racist work
  • Share an educational and artistic vision that aligns with the core principles ICON Arts Academy
  • Must be available after hours for performances and productions


Job Nuts and Bolts:

Start Date:  January 2023 

Compensation provided for curriculum design projects and audition tour costs if applicable, with salary beginning July 1, 2023: $42,500 + health and 401K benefit options; sick and vacation days package negotiated upon hire. Relocation costs covered up to $2,000 with receipts. 


How to Apply:

If interested please send your cover letter and CV to and 

 As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability.



Job Benefits:

We provide health and 401K benefit options; sick and vacation days package negotiated upon hire. Relocation costs covered up to $2,000 with receipts. 

Application Instructions:

If interested please send your cover letter and CV to and 

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Modern / Contemporary Dance Faculty

ICON Arts Academy

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