Parent Education Facilitator

Iowa State Extension & Outreach Linn County

Job Summary: Parent Education Facilitators are responsible for planning and facilitating a variety of Parenting Workshops offered by Parent Education Consortium (PEC). PEC provides caregivers and parents support, information and resources to support children’s early learning and healthy development.

Salary: $35.00 per hour (includes time for travel to and from sites located outside of the Cedar Rapids Metropolitan area).

Reports to: PEC Director

Supervisor: ISU Extension and Outreach Linn County Director

1.    Bachelor’s Degree required in early childhood education, child development, nursing, social work, family support or other field related to parent education.
2.    Training or one year of experience in working with parents of children ages birth to under six.
3.    Must have one year of demonstrated experience in group facilitation.
4.    Have a commitment to and passion for working with families.
5.    Work experience in working collaboratively with people from a variety of economic, educational, cultural and family backgrounds.
6.    Knowledge of current trends relating to diversity, inclusion, access, and social justice within Linn County and the state of Iowa.
7.    Knowledge of local community resources for families and young children.
8.    Demonstrated ability independently, problem-solve as well as multitask and prioritize multiple demands on her/his time and attention
9.    Have current CPR/Infant CPR and First Aid certification (highly recommended).
10.    Must pass criminal background checks and comply with all policies of the Linn County Personnel Handbook as well as the ISU Extension employee policies.
11.    Must hold a valid driver’s license.
12.    U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident alien.

Essential Functions 
1.    Mandatory attendance of annual orientation session.
2.    New hires shadow a veteran facilitator prior to facilitating a PEC workshop, duration dependent on level of experience.
3.    Will adhere to Iowa State Extension and Outreach Linn County Personnel Handbook.
4.    Adhere to standards laid out by the Iowa Family Support Credential.
5.    Maintain and respond to communication requests from the PEC Program Manager and PEC Program Coordinator.
6.    Participate in Facilitator Evaluation: including site visit by PEC Director, lesson/resource submittal to PEC Director, and completion of PEC Facilitator Evaluation Checklist.

7.    Planning for and guiding intentional parent and caregiver learning for each session including:
      a.    Preparing, presenting, and demonstrating research-based materials.
      b.    Gathering teaching supplies (handouts, resources, activities, etc.)
      c.    Setting up and cleaning up the facilitator teaching space prior to and after each group session.
      d.    Planning developmentally and culturally-appropriate, parent education materials and information.
      e.    Creating a safe, trusting, collaborative learning community by welcoming and orienting new participants to the group.
      f.    Recommending, coaching, and modeling for parents/caregivers in play activities and in interactions with the children.
      g.    Modeling and guiding children to share and interact with one another.
      h.    Respond to parent/caregiver questions and requests for assistance and information.
      i.    Creating intentional opportunities for parents/caregivers to build supportive relationships among themselves.
      j.    Providing opportunities for parents/caregivers to develop leadership within the group.
      k.    Responding to emergencies that arise during the group.
      l.    Promoting client participation including, requesting caregivers to participate in evaluation and data collection, weekly participant communication via phone or email.
      m.    Completing administrative and record-keeping tasks and other job responsibilities, including tracking the attendance of participants, providing
information (i.e., attendance reports, client contact information updates, etc.) and requesting and ordering supplies and materials for class facilitation.
      n.    Meet deadlines set to ensure data is collected and recorded in a timely manner.
      o.    Plan parent-child activity and communicate with the program coordinator regarding pick-up or delivery of supplies.
      p.    Coordinate class details including catering, transportation and interpretation if needed.
      q.    Maintain weekly communication with host sites when facilitating a class.

8.    Facilitates one class per cohort (September-December, January-March, April-June) Flexibility with scheduling is available at the discretion of the PEC Program Manager on an as needed basis.

9.    Attend monthly staff meetings (must attend 80% of meetings throughout the year)

 Additional Responsibilities
1.    Participates in projects, committees or activities to support the mission, goals and priorities of the PEC.

2.    Demonstrates self-discipline and initiative to produce high-quality, organized and dependable results.
3.    Conveys a positive and professional image to staff and public.
4.    Handles information in a confidential manner in accordance with established policies and legal requirements (FERPA, HIPAA, etc).
5.    Practices sensitivity to service populations’ cultural and socioeconomic background.
6.    Pursues professional growth and continuing education opportunities.
7.    Hours vary between daytime, evening, and weekend.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities 
1.    Ability to communicate and network effectively and maintain positive working relationships in the community.
2.    Ability to function effectively as a team member and work collaboratively with others and independently as appropriate.
3.    Ability and willingness to be flexible and respond to the changing needs of clients at PEC.
4.    Effective presentation and group facilitation skills.
5.    Knowledge of best practices in parent education.
6.    Ability to prioritize, organize and coordinate multiple activities.
7.    Ability to use and integrate technology appropriately.

 Physical Requirements
1.    Ability to travel between sites served and outside of service area.
2.    Normal, routine levels of activity related to bending, carrying, climbing, hearing, lifting, reaching, sitting, standing, vision and walking.

Terms of Employment 
This position is grant funded from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. Continued employment is dependent on grant funding for the upcoming year. Employment hours are determined on classes offered.

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Parent Education Facilitator

Iowa State Extension & Outreach Linn County

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