Activities Director

Pella Community School

Pella Community School District is seeking an Activities Director (Grades 9-12) to serve 700 students and 100 staff members in a high achieving school system.


Successful candidates will have a desire to explore current trends in education, engage community partners and offer solid leadership to students and staff. 


The Pella CSD is located in south central Iowa. It has a strong community base and heritage that is supported by several local industries.


POSITION GOAL -    To provide enrolled students of High School age an opportunity to participate in an extracurricular athletic activity that will foster physical skills, a sense of worth and competence, a knowledge and understanding of the pleasures of sport, and the principles of fair play.



1.   Organizes and administers the overall program of extracurricular athletics.

2.   Provides leadership in the selection, assignment, and evaluation of athletic coaches and staff members.

3.   Fosters good school-community relations by keeping the community aware of and responsive to the athletic program.

4.   Assumes responsibility for the organization and scheduling of all interscholastic athletic events.

5.   Requisitions checks, pays and hires officials, assigns workers, and contacts policemen as required, and assumes general responsibility for the proper supervision of home games.

6.   Arranges transportation for athletic contest participants.

7.   Arranges provision for meals for athletes and coaches when opponent is beyond usual distance where returning is unreasonable.

8.   Develops and places into operation appropriate rules and regulations governing the conduct of athletic activities.

9.   Establishes the physical and academic requirements of eligibility for participation in each sport, and verifies each athlete's eligibility.

10. The high school athletic director will have primary responsibility for preparing and administering the athletic program budget, with the middle school athletic director providing recommendations for middle school purchases.

11. Requisitions, in cooperation with appropriate staff members, supplies, uniforms, and equipment for athletic programs.

12. Supervises the cleaning, storage, and care of all athletic equipment.

13. Arranges all details of visiting teams' needs, including gymnasium services, and field assistance, as appropriate.

14. Makes all necessary contacts with visiting teams in regard to schedule changes, complaints, etc.

15. Provides for the physical examination of all athletes prior to the beginning of each season.

16. Grants permission to radio and cable stations to broadcast or tape events. Arranges technical details for such broadcasts on the school site.

17. Keeps records of the results of all high school athletic contests, and maintains a record file of all award winners, stating the date and type of the award, including athletic scholarships.

18. Cooperates with parent groups preparing recognition programs for school athletes.




  • Valid teacher certification with an endorsement to coach.
  • Salary and work year to be established annually by the Board of Education.



Performance of this job will be evaluated annually by the Superintendent.


Apply on our website by clicking apply now. Please submit application, cover letter, resume, credentials & transcripts.

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