Communications Director

Grace Community Church

North Liberty, IA Design & Creative / Human Services & Non-Profit
The Communications Director serves as part of Grace Community Church's Operational Development Department, reports directly to the Executive Pastor, and works with the User Experience Designer and Publicity Communications Specialist and all other staff as needed.

The Communications Director creates and facilitates the processes that result in clear, codified, communication in all platforms that proceed out of Grace and are concurrent with the mission of Grace on all campuses.  The Communications Director helps the staff understand and work through communication processes while providing training on new systems and programs.

Brand Manager Role
  • Researches and creates best practices for the following areas which include but are not limited to: branding, logo use, social media, web and print pieces.
  • Provides solutions to maintain clear and efficient written, verbal and email communication beween the staff and to the congregation.
  • Facilitates the design of all new or updated print pieces and pieces for electronic use.
  • Researches, designs, and implements an external publicity plan.
  • Shepherds and supervises the communication team, ensuring that they are plugged in to biblical community.
  • Proofreads and edits staff contributions for communication platforms or delegates as needed.
  • Schedules posts and emails for the staff on communication platforms as requested.
  • Works with the Facilites Director to design and advise on effective interior and exterior signage and placement.
  • Maintains and updates the Grace Communication Manual.
Publicity Manager Role
  • Oversees strategy and design of publicity plans, including timelines, with staff using the submitted communications checklist tool form for ministry events, church events, the publication of position papers, and church highlights etc.
  • Advises staff regarding event and publicity scheduling for coordination of events and the minimization of event conflict.
  • Collaborates with staff and volunteers on communication pieces (pre- service slideshows, print pieces, stagetime) for the weekly worship service for all campuses.
  • Acts as the church spokesperson and copywriter to the media, as requested by the Elder Board or Executive Pastor, which includes but is not limited to times of conflict or tragedy.
Curator of Communication Systems Role
  • Oversees the maintenance of an effective web presence.
  • Oversees the maintenance and development of our social media presence which include but are not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Facilitates and prepares implementation training for staff on new communication systems and bestpractices.
  • Submits annually the budget recommendations for communication.
  • Attends weekly staff meetings, and participates in appointments as requested.
  • Prepares ongoing training for staff on communication topics as requested.
  • Aides in the annual staff evaluation process as directed by the Executive Pastor and/or Business Administration Director.

Staff Ministry Qualifications
  • Evidence of a sincere commitment to Christ and a dedication to the advancement of the kingdom ofGod.
  • Previous church and life experiences that reflect a positive testimony in the body of Christ.
  • Active in Biblical community and consistent attendance at a weekly worship service.
  • Evidence of practicing spiritual disciplines (personal Bible reading, prayer, etc.).
  • A passionate heart for Christ, his Word, the local church, and people in general.
    Interpersonal skills with ability to communicate effectively with staff, volunteers, the congregation, and community.
  • Member of the church or in process of membership, which includes: a. commitment to and ability to articulate our mission, vision, and b. values agreement with our church constitution and statement of faith (doctrine).
  • Ability to maintain high standard of confidentiality both during and outside of work.
  • Growing in Biblical knowledge and learning to disciple others.
  • A desire to be part of a church ministry team that strives for excellence.
  • Faithful, available, teachable and responsive to reproof and guidance.

Specific Ministry Qualifications
  • Meticulous and passionate about communication practices and procedures.
  • A discerning ear, a keen eye, a tenacious spirit and a servant’s heart.
  • Able to graciously detect inconsistencies, estimate the need, envision the desired outcome, identify corrective steps and make thoughtful proposals for future or reparative projects.
  • Proficient in grammar, spelling, Apple and PC technology, Microsoft Office and Adobe products.
  • Able to research evaluate, implement and learn new products.
  • Detailed oriented and able to balance a complex schedule of time sensitive tasks.

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