Gazette Independent Contractor - Metro

Gazette Independent

Become a Carrier for The Gazette

For over 138 years, carriers have been delivering The Gazette to the homes of our subscribers in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City greater metro area. In fact, many of the employee-owners at The Gazette are former carriers themselves. Join the tradition of early morning delivery by joining our distribution team or crew of independent contract carriers.

$1,000 Monthly Profit

Routes 3912/3913/3914
North Hiawatha New Addition, Lyndhurst Dry, Boyson Rd & Greywolf 

$900 Monthly Profit

Routes 3350/3353
Crystal Estates 29th St-34th St NE

$500 Monthly Profit
Routes 3211/3215
Chestnut Ln, Sandalwood Circle, Matterhorn Dr NE (condos)

$730 Monthly Profit
37th St. Danbury, Nielsen Rd, Regal, Regen St. NE
(Driveway Delivery)

$525 Monthly Profit
Route 3234/3235
Terrace Hill, Birchwood, Brooklyn Dr

$925 Monthly Profit

Routes 3672/3665/9030
F Ave, Stoney Point Rd NW, Midway, Peace Wiley, Johnson Ave 
(Driveway Delivery or tube)

$650 Monthly Profit
Routes 3804/3668
1st Ave & E Ave NW, 26th St, Sue Lane - off Johnson Ave

$1,300 Monthly Profit
Routes 3051/3087
Great Team Route
Knollwood Dr, Forest Dr.
(Driveway Delivery)

$1,100 Monthly Profit
Routes 3061/3105/3108
Off 34th St, Parkview Dr, 30th & Bever Ave SE

$750 Monthly Profit

Route 1088/1098
Close to Hy-Vee & Marion Pool

$775 Monthly Profit 
Off 29th Ave Marion

$800 Monthly Profit
Routes 3570/3584
Hy-Vee Wilson Ave area, Deborah Dr, Lauren Dr, Bowling St, Hamilton St. 

No Collections
Mon. - Sat. delivery by 6am / 7am on Sundays

Job Benefits:

Benefits of becoming a Carrier:

  • Early morning hours leave your days free
  • No collections
  • No contact delivery
  • Many routes offer sign-on bonuses
Applying for:

Gazette Independent Contractor - Metro

Gazette Independent

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Applying for:

Gazette Independent Contractor - Metro

Gazette Independent

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