Friends Club Director

Hills Bank and Trust Company


This position will strategically direct all facets of the Friends Club program and align with the Hills Bank vision of developing “Customers for Life”.  This position is responsible for customer communication and implementation of projects, programs, events and trips.  A primary goal of this position is to attract new customers to our Friends. We will gain new members by providing unique member benefits and experiences.  This position will require working with Branch Managers and Friends Club representatives to keep the focus on Friends Club growth by building and deepening our customer relationships.  This position will also entail developing innovative marketing plans to expand membership. 



Member Growth:

  • Identify and implement ways to promote our Friends Club and the benefits of belonging to Friends Club with marketing efforts, social media and advertising.
  • Identify and implement ways to enhance our current Friends Club benefits that will aid in attracting additional members.
  • Continue to expand the Friend’s Club referral program. Empowered to try new incentives to encourage existing members to recruit and refer new members to the program.
  • Continually work on ways to expand our membership through demographic analysis to grow market share.
  • Support the sales and marketing efforts by designing and promoting strategies to enhance and grow Friends Club membership. Empowered to try new ideas to increase awareness and membership.
  • Coordinate new members’ on-boarding process. Developing new customer service channels to provide a better customer experience.
  • Make referrals to appropriate parties, and coordinate partnerships with other business units.   
  • Collaborate with other community organizations in providing services to this age demographic.  Identify value added events and programs that we could host or sponsor as a benefit to our members.

Friends Club Trips and Events:

  • Coordinate all major travel for the club, working with our preferred travel provider and being the point of contact for our customers.
  • Plan and schedule the calendar of events for the club.  Work with travel vendors to determine destination choices for trips and set schedule for the annual calendar.
  • Escort extended travel trips and work with branch Friends Club representatives to help with escorting extended travel and day trips.
  • Help branches with ideas and suggestions for branch activities and events, which may include attending and helping with those functions.
  • Host travel shows to promote an upcoming extended trip.
  • Help Friend Club representatives with reunion events if a trip warrants that follow up opportunity.
  • Pursue new ideas or speakers for branch events to foster and promote the club.


  • Oversee publishing the Friends Club quarterly newsletter with the bank’s Marketing department.
  • Facilitate the annual Friends Club budget process with all branches and bank management.
  • Submit expenses to Accounting through the use of the purchase order system.
  • Prepare monthly reports for branch managers, Friends Club branch representatives and bank management.
  • Prepare membership and deposit goals for the branches and set incentives for reaching branch goals.
  • Conduct regular meetings with Retail Management and Marketing to review Friends Club initiatives and progress on strategies.
  • Schedule and coordinate planning meetings with Branch Managers and Friends Club Representatives to share ideas and promote branch activities.
  • Supervision – There is also a Friends Club Coordinator that will report to you. Supervision will include weekly check-ins, goal setting, annual review process and any disciplinary action if needed.
  • As part of the overall team of bank employees, this position may be requested to assist in the support of other bank activities.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of applicable compliance regulations.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.



Sales Skills:

  • Must be proactive in discovering customer needs and making appropriate referrals.
  • Ability to create meaningful relationships with customers and prospects.
  • Have the skill set to adjust your communication style to meet the needs of our Friends Club members.
  • Document relevant information about customers and prospects for you and other bank employees for future reference in our customer relationship management system.
  • Strong ability to “sell” himself/herself to co-workers, working together to collaborate and achieve goals.


Customer and Vendor Experience:

  • Empowered to respond quickly to   customers and vendors. Recognize and take the appropriate action to meet their needs. Establish an effective working relationship to gain their respect and loyalty.



  • Be able to communicate thoughts clearly, both orally and in writing and to effectively present information to all levels, including staff, management, public groups, and/or board of directors. 
  • Effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of employees, manager, clients, customers, and the general public in person, over the phone and digitally.
  • Ability to respond to inquiries and complaints from customers, members of the business community or regulatory agencies.

Time Management:

  • Balance multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Meet customer, supervisor, vendor and self-imposed deadlines.
  • Outline overall project plans and deadlines, determine the necessary steps for completion, and delegate tasks to appropriate staff to assure projects are finished accurately, on time and within budget.
  • Extremely independent, entrepreneurial attitude that directs Friends Club while recognizing the need to work with in corporate standards and guidelines.




  • Must embrace change and see it as an opportunity.
  • Must be willing to express and support management’s ideas to staff.
  • Able to adjust quickly to different work situations. 
  • Remain composed under pressure and in stressful situations.
  • Ability and willingness to test and learn so we can continue to develop ideas on membership recruitment or programing.



  • Project a positive image of the bank to all employees, customers, vendors and communities we serve at all times. We are an ambassador of Hills Bank even when we are not working.


Attention to Detail:

  • Regard for important details to assure accuracy in all aspects of the job, detect errors and follow through on corrections and details.

Other Skills and Abilities:

  • Position will require overnight and extended travel to escort members on trips, attend conferences or training programs.
  • The position will require some work before and after normal business hours and weekends.



  • Must be a self-starter, take initiative, accept responsibility and have the ability to work independently. A four-year college degree or equivalent is preferred.
  • 5+ years of previous customer service experience.
  • This job requires skills need in a typical office environment. This includes computer skills, communication skills, as well as utilization of office equipment. Must have working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.



  • The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds (e.g.  luggage, equipment, etc.) and be able to accompany and help facilitate walking tours.
Job Benefits:

Our philosophy of taking care of the customer extends to taking care of our employees so that they, in turn, can take good care of themselves and their families. Join Hills Bank and let us surprise you with even more perks!

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