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Account Coordinator

Cedar Rapids, IA

Job Information:

Position Summary

The purpose of this position is to ensure high-quality customer service and

assist in the coordination of the Halal certification processes.

The Ideal Candidate for this Position: 
  • Works effectively with little or no supervision as an individual and as a teammate.
  • Is professional and respectful with coworkers and customers. 
  • Consistently demonstrates a positive attitude and strong desire for customer service.
  • Will have an Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or a related field.
Shared Administration Responsibilities: 
  • Answer phone calls, emails, and all other correspondence in a timely manner.
  • Take accurate and detailed notes while delivering these messages to the appropriate recipient(s).
  • Interact with new & existing customers regarding general questions or other needs.
  • Regularly assess the work product for efficiencies.  
  • Assist in the contribution of a clean work environment by keeping one’s personal workspace presentable, cleaning up after oneself in shared areas, and occasionally performing janitorial duties, when necessary.
  • Abide by, and having general knowledge of the ISA employee handbook.
  • Assist other administrative staff in any special or time-consuming projects that may come up.
  • Ensure that effective and timely service is always provided to our customer, while complying with Halal integrity for Islamic Services of America. 
  • Be able to identify and escalate customer needs and other sensitive issues to upper management.
  • Assist with projects related to maintaining and updating standard operating procedures, resource binders, technological updates, and various projects as assigned.

Essential Job Functions: 
  • Serve as the first point of contact for customers, consumers and other third parties and be able to help with questions, comments, or concerns.  Forward customer calls, e-mails, and other forms of communication to the appropriate team member and facilitate responses to inquiries.
  • Send applications and introduction letter to new inquiries.
  • Accurately generate service agreements based on the pricing table and information from applications; negotiate with management on behalf of customers, when necessary.
  • Maintain customer information and CRM accurately based on applications.
  • Audit customer files for critical ingredient certifications and communicate recertification need to customers.
  • Periodically reach out to existing and prospective clients for customer-follow ups.
  • Generate, track, issue, mail and file annual certificates as new and annual invoices are collected.
  • Maintain accurate templates for ISA certifications.
  • Perform weekly accounts receivable collections efforts.
  • Serve as the main person to double-check final export certificates before they are issued, including verifying the supporting backup information received.
  • Maintain resource manual binders regarding Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Assist or lead with troubleshooting and investigating possible misuse of trademarked ISA logo and seal by customers or unidentified third party producers, packagers or distributors.
  • Gather Material Data Safety Sheets on all liquid products within the ISA main office building.
  • Occasionally interact with vendors to make sure repair work (and machinery) is organized within facilities.
  • Communicate with vendors and/or contractors concerning ISA agreements, as directed.
  • Maintain office supplies in a spreadsheet and refer to this document before soliciting bids or completing ordering in an effort to maintain budget control.
  • Archive master audit lists and certification tracker monthly.
  • Assist, support and handle assigned marketing and new lead related efforts in conjunction with management and with management direction e.g. for letter campaigns, written templates, verbal scripts and researching/mining competitor customer lists.

Administrative Support Responsibilities:
  • Communicate daily team staffing status updates, noting who is traveling, on vacation or out of office for partial/full day appointments.
  • Process Halal certificate requests including domestic and export certificates.
  • Maintain the master audit list for new and completed audits; maintain and file all related audit documentation and correspondence.
  • Maintain the master product ingredient review list; maintain and file all related product review documentation and correspondence (e.g. ingredient certifications, process flowcharts and QA approvals).
  • Create and/or update product/facility certificates for new and existing customers. 
  • Update master customer databases (CRM, QuickBooks etc.) at time of invoicing to ensure most current product quantities and pricing match service agreements for new product and annual renewal billing purposes.
  • Track, compile and distribute key monthly performance metrics to upper management including summarized data analysis and supporting color charts.
  • Accurately invoice customers for audit expenses (calculate travel expenses and audit fees), all new facility certifications, new product reviews and product certifications.
  • Perform and back up additional types of invoicing.
  • Work with auditors concerning new and revised email templates for communication with customers.
  • Match payment deposit summary forms to invoices sent to customers and follow proper processes for issuing certificates, as required.

Not Responsible for: 
  • This position is not responsible for conducting Halal product reviews or approving Halal products.
  • This position is not responsible for performing facility audits or rendering final management determinations or decisions regarding Halal definitions or compliance on the behalf of ISA.
  • This position is not responsible for the supervision of any other employee.
  • This position is not responsible for writing or finalizing of any new policies. If there are questions concerning the interpretation/application of policies, one must refer to HR.

Schedule Expectations:
ISA’s normal hours of operation are from Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please see the summarized information from the ISA Handbook for schedule expectations below:
  • Full-time, non-exempt employees
    • Must have adequate phone coverage during regular business hours and must work a minimum of 40 hours a week between the hours of 7:30 am and 6:00 pm. For more details on schedules, please direct questions to the office manager as schedules may vary depending on the season.

Qualification Requirements: 
The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge skills and abilities required. Employees who do not possess the requirements for a job at the time of hire will not be considered for the position. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Educational Requirements: 
    • High School Diploma/GED

  • Work Experience Requirements: 
    • Three years in administrative and/or accounting field
    • Additional education may be substituted for years of work experience

  • Technical Requirements: 
    • Knowledge of Microsoft Office products
    • Oral and written communication skills
    • Ability to type efficiently
    • Interpersonal skills

  • Physical Requirements: 
    • Able to lift the occasional 20 pound object
    • Use arms, hands, and fingers, up to 8 hours a day
    • Reach with hands in any direction
    • Finger dexterity to manipulate objects
    • Sit for extended periods of time, up to 8 hours a day

  • Visual/Perception Requirements: 
    • Frequent computer work involving data entry, inspection, and clerical needs (objects close to eyes)

  • Working Conditions:
    • Indoor environmental conditions, including protection from outside weather conditions, but not necessarily from temperature changes

  • Cognitive Requirements: 
    • Number aptitude
    • Verbal/Non-verbal comprehension/symbolism
    • Abstract concepts
    • Perceptual speed
    • Inductive/Deductive reasoning
    • Spatial visualization
    • Memory
    • Self-regulation and motivation

Performance Metrics:
Each team member will be rated on each of the following 10 themes, as well as 5 job-specific themes. If an employee does not score at least a 30% on their performance review, further action may be taken, such as a performance development plan or termination.

  • Customer Focus: Able to demonstrate a high level of service delivery; do what is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction; deal with service failures and prioritize customer needs.

  • Teamwork: Able to share due credit with coworkers; display enthusiasm and promote a friendly group working environment; work with other departments as necessary; support group decisions and solicit opinions from coworkers; display team spirit; never engage or start arguments in shared work areas.

  • Effort: Able to be alert in a high-distraction environment; exert the appropriate amount of attention and concentration into any assigned task in one's role; maintain a high-level of productivity even while unsupervised.

  • Presentation: Able to present oneself to coworkers and customers in a clean and professional manner; abide by the Company Dress Code Policy.

  • Direction Acceptance: Able to receive direction from supervisors; adapt to new policies and procedures with recognition and respect; grievances and questions for authority are handled appropriately; never disrespects or challenges direction in an open environment.

  • Attendance: Able to comply with regular schedule expectations; be prepared to work at the appropriate time; comply with laws and regulations on breaks and lunch times; accurately record actual time worked without falsifying information; work a minimum of 40 hours a week. 

  • Communication: Able to clearly relay information through the spoken or written word; read and interpret complex information; talk with customers or clients with appropriate language; listen well.
  • Attention to Detail: Able to follow detailed procedures and ensure accuracy in documentation and data; do work right the first time and inspect material for flaws; carefully monitor gauges, instruments, or processes; concentrate on routine work details, and organize and maintain a system of records.
  • Suggestions: Ability to observe ones environment and think critically about procedure improvement; take initiative and appropriately suggest ideas to designated supervisors; contribute fresh perspective to increase productivity in individual role.
  • Quality: Able to maintain high standards despite pressing deadlines; establish high standards and measures; test new methods thoroughly; reinforce excellence as a fundamental priority.

This position offers compensation between $13-$17/hr.

The terms of this job description may be reviewed annually as stated in the ISA Handbook. All duties and responsibilities are subject to change at the discretion of the employer. The employee fulfilling this role may occasionally be asked to sign their signature of acceptable should any significant changes be made, such as the Essential Job Functions. ISA is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and believe all qualified candidates should have access to any open position and have the right to apply. Once the right candidate for this position is selected, an At-will employment agreement will be initiated in correlation with the appropriate state and federal laws.  

Applying for:

Account Coordinator

Islamic Services of America

Application Instructions

Please send cover letter and email to the attention of Human Resources at ISA. For email send to:

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Applying for:

Account Coordinator

Islamic Services of America

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Posted 11/29/17

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