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ICon for the Arts Director of School Operations (DSO) Job Description


School information:

ICon for the Arts is a performing arts boarding high school located in downtown Iowa City, Iowa. Our (initial) mission is to provide students with a safe, interdisciplinary, and holistic arts education with a focus on designing a path specific to each learner’s personal artistic goals.


Job Search:

We are building a team of innovative educators, artists, and leaders to guide our students’ daily learning.


At ICon, we are seeking a Director of School Operations to oversee the daily functioning of the high school in order for all educational and artistic systems to operate efficiently while keeping our students safe and on track to reach their artistic learning goals.


General Job Description:

We are looking to design and implement a system that fits the needs of our learners, with a strong problem-solver and refiner in the central office. The DSO is supported by the COO of Nolte Companies and reports directly to the CEO, supporting a team of leaders to realize best practice and to foster an environment that keeps students aligned with their learning goals, graduation goals, and daily living.


As DSO of ICon, you are a member of the Leadership Team along with the Artistic Director (AD), Student Life Director (SLD) and Curriculum and Instruction Director (CID) to ensure all students are receiving what they need at school. You lead a team of operations staff, including an office manager, custodian, and nurse.


You are responsible for coordinating and supervising the day-to-day business operations of the school office, including facilities, class and student schedules, class rosters, student information database, visitors, payroll, and benefits. You ensure a smooth operation in the main office and provide support to the AD, CID, and SLD in all administrative details.


You also manage the admissions process and help to set audition tours and guide student registration; your efficient work helps support the goal of the school to recruit students and maintain fiscal solvency of the school.


You are in charge of receiving and taking care of all applications, emails, questions, enrollment/admissions/office needs. You set up audition trips/scheduling of auditions and interviews, and help the SLD in coordinating arrangements for boarding students. You work with the Communications Director (as applicable) and technology infrastructure team to ensure that admissions, enrollment, and advertising processes are functioning properly.


Job Specifications:

  • Inspect school building, grounds, and installations regularly for the purpose of maintaining high standards of cleanliness, safety, and security; observe facility wear and tear and make recommendations for maintenance and improvement.
  • Supervise enrollment, transfer, and admission process for students and the preparation of related documents.
  • Maintain student records including assessment results, test scores, discipline record, medical reports, and attendance.
  • Supervise requisitions, receive and distribute school and office supplies, maintain ongoing inventory processes.
  • Coordinate the school’s master calendar of meetings and events.
  • Create and maintain class schedules; facilitate solutions to teacher and student scheduling needs.
  • Inservice new staff on school policies.
  • Arrange for conferences and travel of administration and staff and prepare and maintain payment requisitions, orders, receipts, expense claims, and invoices.
  • Train, develop and evaluate all subordinate staff. Organize and implement an orientation and on-boarding program to convey the proper operation and maintenance of school facilities.
  • Analyze data concerning school system functioning in order to improve daily operations of the school.
  • Develop and implement work practices that are effective, efficient, and consistent with school standards and policies.
  • Communicate and respond to Nolte Companies CEO and COO and work with ICon AD, CID, and SLD on school facility issues (real or perceived) for the purpose of correcting and/or making repairs as appropriate. Resolve complaints, respond to requests for information and provide assistance.
  • Support the Student Life Director and Student Life Team in fostering consistency and health in student behaviors and helping to ensure communications between family and staff are appropriately managed.
  • Support the school nurse in investigating, recording and resolving student injury or employee on the job injury; maintain documentation and report to the appropriate directors.
  • Maintain efficient, helpful, and friendly relations with staff, parents, students, and outside organizations and businesses.
  • Contribute to the school culture by promoting a joyful and intensive learning environment.
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with neighboring community businesses and organizations.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by AD of ICon, COO and/or CEO of Nolte Companies.


Required Skills, Qualities, and Experience:

  • Passion to support the students, teachers, and directors in their mission to grow artists and tend to each student with care and compassion.
  • Proactive problem-solver who can work in a multi-faceted environment, balancing competing priorities and work demands; strong ability to organize, prioritize, work under time constraints and to be flexible in an environment of multiple tasks and changing priorities.
  • Resilience and grit, a sense of personal responsibility and a reflexive attitude to increase professional growth.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills - ability to work with teachers, students, families, colleagues, and outside organizations.
  • Experience managing others.
  • Competitive computer skills - Google Suites, Microsoft Office, and an LMS such as Canvas and/or financial management software.
  • Bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years of experience in business administration or organizational management and arts education.
  • Commitment to learning about and practicing anti-racist work
  • Share an educational and artistic vision that aligns with the core principles of ICon for the Arts
  • Must be available after hours for job emergencies.


Job Nuts and Bolts:

Start Date: Fall 2022

Salary: $52,500 + health and 401K benefit options; sick and vacation days package negotiated upon hire.


How to Apply:

If interested please send your cover letter and CV to


As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability.


Job Benefits:

Health and 401K benefit options; sick and vacation days package negotiated upon hire.

Applying for:

Director of School Operations

ICon for the Arts

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