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Cedar Rapids, IA Administrative & Clerical / Technology
Strong computer aptitude, data entry, file management and organization will be core skills necessary to succeed in this position.The ability to make decisions, take ownership and strong interpersonal skills will be needed to master this position.

  1. Must be able to work in a team-oriented/safety conscious environment. “Safety First” expectations include, but are not limited to, PJHA process, Observation process, and all company/site safety guidelines and procedures.
  2. Assigned tasks list to include, but not limited to, develop, implement and manage the formatting of electronic files for all equipment on site.  Create associated folders to support the scanning of manuals, pictures, reports, quotes, WO’s and any other pertinent information.
  3. This position will take ownership in the organization of all electronic files supporting equipment on site. This position will work closely with several departments to assure a continuity of effort and clear communication as to status and process.
  4. Good computer working skills are desired, but more importantly the ability to communicate and develop a very organized approach in the collection and scanning of the equipment information.
  5. A secondary goal for this position will be to learn additional administrative duties and responsibilities that allow for backup support in times of need.
  6. Strong data entry skills will be necessary to fulfill many aspects of this position.

  1. Compliance with all company/customer regulations, policies, and procedures.
  2. Achieve performance expectations set forth as part of performance appraisals to include employee development planning.
  3. Must maintain positive customer and employee relations.
  4. Continuous education in support of any software that is required to maintain or update the developed electronic files

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Posted 20 days ago

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