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Iowa City, IA Accounting / Human Services & Non-Profit
POSITION:  Staff Accountant
IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:  Director of Finance
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  A BA/BS Degree in Accounting or an Associates Degree in Accounting and 3 years of practical work experience, providing complex technical support to professional accounting staff, or 6 years of practical work experience providing complex technical support to professional accounting staff.
OTHER QUALIFICATIONS:  Advanced experience with spreadsheets, databases and computerized accounting systems.
POSITION SUMMARY:  Staff Accountants apply Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) guidelines in maintaining complex accounts within established accounting systems.  These complex accounts characteristically have (1) multiple revenue sources, cost centers and cost allocations; (2) multiple levels of controlling regulations; and (3) overlapping reporting periods.  Staff Accountants ensure assigned accounts are managed within GAAP standards, agency accounting procedures, and appropriate internal controls.  They use and apply accounting skills at the full proficiency level to analyze and resolve nonstandard accounting transactions, and independently initiate appropriate corrections into accounting records. This position is primarily responsible for ensuring that the billing and accounts payable systems are managed to ensure accurate and timely billing and payment of invoices.  Other accounting responsibilities are assigned according to the needs of the department.
1. Accounts Payable Duties:
    1. Receive and verify invoices and requisitions for goods and services.
    2. Verify that transactions comply with financial policies and procedures.
    3. Prepare invoices for payment.
    4. Manage all duties in relation to payment of accounts payable checks.
    5. File all accounts payable invoices.
    6. Maintain vendor files.
 2. Billing Duties
    1. Enter all billable customer activity for Waiver Billing, Employment Systems, Supported Employment, Transportation, Region, Family Systems, Habilitation.
    2. Prepare invoices.
    3. Update customer records for all adds, deletes, and changes to customer billing records.
    4. Reconcile all billing activity and distribute reports as necessary.
 3.  Fixed Assets: Is responsible for the accounting of the agency’s fixed assets.  Maintain asset balances and depreciation schedules according to GAAP guidelines.
  1.  Prepares special reports and assist with projects as requested.
  2. Serves as backup for other accounting positions as needed.
  3. Recommends changes in processes and practices to improve the accuracy and timeliness of accounting functions.
  1. The position requires the performance of tasks requiring visual, manual, communication and analytical abilities within an independent work setting.
  2. Works in an environment with numerous distractions while under deadlines.
  3. Represents the organization in different forums.  Professionalism in actions and decorum as well as appropriate representation of the agency is expected.
  4. The position entails a high degree of accountability and consequence of error.  Responsible for handling confidential and sensitive information.  Errors in decisions and work tasks can result in severe legal and financial consequences for the agency.
  5. This is a full-time, salaried, exempt position with normal office hours of Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. 
The job duties and performance expectations for this position are based upon the Mission, Vision and Core Values of the agency. This description therefore forms expectations of ethical, values-based behavior with the fulfillment of the job duties.

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