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Kwik Star Jobs

You might be surprised at what’s behind your local Kwik Star Store. From fresh dairy, bakery products, premium meats, produce, and high-quality fuel to deep roots in the community; each and every Kwik Star Store is a story unto itself… but those stories share a common thread — it’s all about the people and you’re treated like family.

Today, the Kwik Trip, Inc. family includes more than 15,000 co-workers, and we’re growing.

With nearly 500 Kwik Trip, Kwik Star, Tobacco Outlet and Hearty Platter locations, we serve millions throughout the Midwest.

Convenient locations and clean, bright stores staffed by friendly faces, Kwik Trip, Inc. is the trusted local convenience store at the heart of communities across the Midwest. In a lot of ways, Kwik Trip Inc. serves as a good old-fashioned ‘general store’ or ‘corner market. However, there’s nothing “old-fashioned” about the way Kwik Trip, Inc. operates.

Vertical Integration is the key to Kwik Trip, Inc.’s success. Our philosophy is if we can do it, we will! Nearly 80% of what we sell, we make… we make it, ship it and sell it! There is a lot more than meets the eye as we have a wide variety of support at Kwik Trip, Inc. We have many departments that help in this process including our own bakery, kitchen, dairy, ice plant, food safety lab, distribution center, warehouse, truck/fleet center, IT center and support center (which includes several departments from accounting, Human Resources, communication center, print shop, and training center).

All this leads to the opportunity to truly have a career! Careers for retail managers, engineers, technicians, IT professionals, accountants, transportation drivers, machine operators, office support and so much more! No matter what department one works in, we all share in the success of Kwik Trip, Inc. and we all make a difference!

Growth is a term we use every day at Kwik Trip, Inc. It’s not just the growth of adding 30 stores a year for the foreseeable future, but it also includes the growth of our people! There are many opportunities for retail co-workers to grow at Kwik Star! We also offer flexible scheduling and benefits including: 40% Profit Sharing, Cash Bonuses, Incentive Programs, Health, Dental, Life and Vision Insurance, 401k Program, Scholarships, Paid Vacations, Paid Sick Days, Wellness Program, Uniform Program and much more!