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Outside Part Sales Representative

Cedar Rapids, IA

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Outside Part Sales Representative

This job entails determining, and capturing the products sales outside the organization. It involves taking orders from existing customers and securing prospective customers through various forms of communication. It is required to provide detailed information about various products, programs or services offered by Thompson Truck & Trailer and its brands.


-Scheduling meetings, meet existing and potential clients to review parts and service needs, and to determine other opportunities.

-Effective planning to conduct sales demos by meeting clients physically on regular basis.

-Designing professional demos or demos of organizations goods and solutions while on-site.

-Generating and developing new customer business accounts to be able to increase sales, through cold calling.

-Continuously upgrading all clients on organizations item modifications, changes, and improvements.

-Maintaining professionalism, diplomacy, understanding, and courtesy to represent the organization in a good reputation.

-Effectively joining conventions and industry events & training opportunities.

-Using promotion data to maximize revenue effectiveness and performance by using relevant revenue control resources.

-Preparing reports for promotion and advertising and keeping expense records.

-Performing upgrading and maintenance of records of client including contact names and numbers for future revenue.

-Providing item quotes to clients as needed.

-Ensuring follow-up after passing leads to managers with complete profile client details, calls-to-action, sources, dates.

-Keep electronic call reports up to date on a daily basis and complete regular follow up with potential sales leads.

-Able to use Company business system and Parts system effectively for accounts research and invoicing.

-Must enjoy daily travel to customer sites and be self driven to achieve acceptable success levels required.

-Completion of On Line Training courses to improve product knowledge so it can be discussed with customers.


-Capable of preserving private or sensitive details.

-Effective efficient time control planning, organization and multi-tasking abilities.

-Special manners to cope with clients and an confident individuality.

-Able to prospect non-member records.

-Able to upgrade and support major companies accounts.

-Very strong communication abilities in writing and spoken.

-Very good team player and should work well under pressure.

-Proven predicting and client support skils.l

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Posted 11/23/16

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