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Environmental Health Specialist

Linn County

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Full-time position to perform field work with professional responsibilities relating to enforcement of laws, regulations and standards concerning one (1) or more of the following: food safety, safe drinking water, private sewage disposal systems, solid waste, toxic substances, rabies investigations, and general sanitation. Work is performed under general supervision. Inspects food service and retail food establishments, vending machines, temporary food stands, as well as lodging establishments within the contract area for compliance with state laws. Educates the public on food safety, protection, quality and storage. Inspects public swimming pools and spas, as well as tattoo and tanning establishments. Advises and instructs contractors on or performs soil percolation tests. Reviews applications and evaluates sites for septic locations per applicable code. Inspects installation and construction of private sewage disposal systems for compliance with applicable codes and reviews existing septic systems for visible malfunction upon complaint or prior to re-zoning approval. Evaluates sites, approves private well applications and collects water samples from individual wells and water supplies as requested. Reviews and evaluates public water supply locations to ensure safety of drinking supply system. Investigates complaints of nuisances, unsanitary conditions, and conditions detrimental to public health and recommends methods for abatement and correction. Provide assistance to animal control agencies investigating animal bites. Investigates vermin complaints and baits as necessary. Writes letters, reports, documents, notices, condemnations, hold orders and detentions. Testifies in court and administrative hearings. Participates in continuing education classes and conferences including food safety updates, swimming pool and spa regulations, pest control, epidemiology, incident command systems training, radiation monitoring, and hazardous materials. Conducts investigations and inspections regarding possible food-borne illness outbreaks and collects available samples and transports to lab for analysis. Assists in Food and Drug Administration food recalls. Conducts training programs for food handlers and managers of food establishments. Reviews proposed plats for feasibility and suitability of septic system and well locations. Responds to and advises on hazardous and potentially hazardous materials spills, collects samples when necessary and recommends mitigation procedures to restore safe environment. Maintains a working knowledge of applicable codes and ordinances. Performs all other related duties as assigned.


Bachelor's degree with major course work in environmental health or related field required that includes an algebra course or higher level math and thirty (30) semester hours/forty-five (45) quarter hours in basic sciences. Six (6) months to one (1) year of experience in dealing with the public required. Working knowledge of modern methods, principles, techniques and practices of environmental health sanitation. Considerable knowledge of chemistry, microbiology and physics. Working knowledge of the Iowa Food Code, Iowa Private Sewage Disposal Systems Code, Iowa Swimming Pool and Spa Rules, and other related laws. Ability to apply this knowledge to the abatement of specific unsanitary conditions and problems. Ability to communicate and deal effectively with the general public. Ability to work with a computer and have knowledge of basic word processing, spread sheet programs and development of presentations and reports. Position requires indoor and outdoor work, with potentially ongoing exposure to elements, including undesirable conditions which may include heat, cold, construction equipment, exposure to noise from kitchen equipment, live and dead animals, human and animal waste, odors and smells, filthy environments, chemical solvents from cleaning solvents, and construction environments etc. Occasional lifting up to 25 pounds. Ability to walk on uneven ground in all kinds of weather. Valid State of Iowa Driver's License required. Completion of FDA Level One Food Service Inspection and other related certifications within two (2) years of hire. Professional certification as a Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS), REHS in Training, or approved equivalent or will be required to be attained within two (2) years of appointment. Ability to obtain certification as a Pest Control Operator and Certified Swimming Pool Operation within one (1) year of hire. Must pass a County physical examination which includes a drug test after offer of employment. Regular work attendance required.

SHIFT: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

SALARY: $26.44/hour

DEADLINE: Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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Posted 09/30/16

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