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Executive Director - Community Services

Linn County

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SALARY RANGE: Minimum - $81,173 • Midpoint - $98,168 • Maximum - $129,879

Responsible for the overall administration and management of Linn County Community Services (LCCS), including supervision of top management staff, policy and program planning and development, quality assurance, budget development and oversight and community collaborative leadership. Organize LCCS to allow boards, commissions, facilities, agencies and programs to perform all duties required by law in an effective, efficient and economic manner.


•Supervises top management staff by holding monthly individual and group meetings to discuss direction and monitor progress, interacting frequently to review activities, and reviewing of program and department goals and objectives on a regular basis. Administers work rules and personnel matters, including hiring, evaluation and discharge of staff, subject to the terms of applicable collective bargaining agreements and the county management manual and assures LCCS compliance with applicable laws and with licensing and professional standards.

•Provides leadership in community collaborative activities by chairing monthly collaborative meetings, setting meeting direction and policy, monitoring progress and budget, and managing relationships. Participates in state, district, or local planning bodies in matters relating to health, welfare and social services.

•Provides staff support to Board of Supervisors and Community Services Board by defining issues, preparing background materials and recommending strategies at monthly Board of Supervisors' updates, monthly Community Services Board meetings, and monthly/quarterly Program Advisory Committee meetings.

•Provides financial oversight by directing budget policy discussion on service needs and delivery changes, guaranteeing budget compliance, developing alternative budget strategies and funding methods, and linking funding with organizational, department and program goals.


•Work requires professional level of knowledge of a discipline equivalent to that which is acquired in a Master's degree level of study. The course of study must be job related and determined to be relevant to the duties of the position such as administration, policy, or organizational development.

•Over six (6) years' experience is required for this position. Experience should be relevant to the job duties of the position and should include some experience with program management, service delivery, staff supervision, and community collaboration.

•Comprehensive knowledge of public administration principles and practices with an emphasis on human services.

•Ability to work with others, strong supervisory skills, working knowledge of finance and budget management.

•Public sector or non-profit experience preferred.

•Ability to identify relevant issues and collect necessary background information.

•Ability to make and implement decisions, strong skills in communication and leadership.

•Ability to read staff and Board of Supervisors memos, proposed and existing legislation, administrative guidelines, studies/research on human services delivery, collaborative grant opportunities, draft budgets, grant and program materials, organizational change and leadership materials.

•Ability to write planning reports, executive summaries, correspondence, agendas, minutes/mailings for collaborative meetings, materials for board action items including issue identification, background information and proposed action.

•Basic math skills relative to budget development, budget utilization and projections, purchase order approvals, reimbursement requests, and statistical skills to interpret data.

•Work is widely varied, involving analyzing and evaluating many complex and significant variables. Organization-wide policies, procedures, or precedents may be developed and/or recommended.

•Ability to supervise top management staff.

•Identification of the outcomes and tasks for projects; delegation of tasks; monitoring of the progress on task completion; preparation of a report detailing the issues addressed; management of the relationships involved in the projects to ensure compliance with the assigned tasks and continued participation of the members; responsible for participating in numerous community collaboratives and support of outcome achievement.

•Communications/human relations skills to include the ability to read situations and people and to adjust style to interface with all involved; ability to manage participants' work on relevant tasks and ability to manage the relationships so participants stay involved; and ability to share information in an understandable and acceptable manner.

•Must pass a County physical examination which includes a drug test after offer of employment.

•Criminal background and credit history review required.

•Regular work attendance required.

•Valid Driver's License required.

DEADLINE: Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Posted 01/09/17

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