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Marketing and Sales Manager

Dubuque, IA

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We, at Smart Retract, are looking for a professional, top-of-the-line manager with experience and ability to grow and lead our dynamic online sales, marketing, and customer service initiatives. Our new manager will bring with them a good understanding of the requirements to effectively market and support online sales and will be able to learn the specifics of our business quickly to contribute towards our growth in a substantial way.

Smart Retract is made up of a group of hard working, smart, and innovative people focused on growing our business and being an industry leader of creative and highly functional retractable consumer products. We design, develop, manufacture, sell, distribute, and support our entire line of products making for a unique and unmatched supply chain management and business model, not found anywhere in the world. With continued business growth, we must upgrade our sales and marketing organization and are now looking for a manager to drive these efforts. With eyes on the global market, the initial focus of the position will be to restructure our customer support resources and processes, develop plans with our CEO for a 12 and 24 month sales growth horizon, and supplement these efforts with a global marketing strategy developed, as well, with our CEO. The overall goal is to sharpen our competitive advantages and messaging and increase top line growth and profitability which have held Smart Retract as the leader in our industry for many years.

We offer great compensation and full benefits that even many large companies do not offer. Our working environment is one that focuses on team collaboration, yet knows the importance and value of balanced independence. This position will be challenging and fulfilling with a high potential for both personal and professional growth. Smart Retract is not your typical company – get ready to learn and grow and contribute to your and the team’s future success!

If you’re onboard so far, send us an email to with your resume and cover letter to let us know your interest. Also, visit us at to learn more about our product lines.

Posted 12/28/16

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