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CRPD - Police Officers

Cedar Rapids, IA

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CRPD - Police Officers

"Cedar Rapids is a vibrant urban hometown – a beacon for people and businesses that are invested in building a greater community now and for the next generation".

The City of Cedar Rapids, IA is currently recruiting for Police Officers.

The salary range for this position starts at $52,499.20 annually.

The City of Cedar Rapids welcomes diversity in all forms including; race, gender, background, and thought. The City strives for a workforce that reflects the community we serve!

Details on the required qualifications including the complete job description for this position can be found at our website:

Some Examples of Essential Work:

•Patrols City streets;

• Responds to calls for police assistance or service;

•Directs traffic where needed;

• Provides emergency assistance to ill or injured citizens;

• Arrests law violators; testifies in judicial proceedings;

•Maintains custody of prisoners;

•Makes reports;

• Conducts initial investigation of alleged criminal conduct;

•Maintains order in crowds;

•Advises public on laws in force;

• Enforces traffic laws, issues citations where indicated;

• Investigates suspicious persons or activities;

• Records, stores, and is responsible for evidence for future court cases, and lost items that have been found and turned in by members of the general public;

•Attends roll calls;

•Attends training sessions;

•Other duties as assigned;

• Performs all work duties and activities in accordance with City policies, procedures and safety practices;

• Attends work regularly at the designated place and time;

• Supports continuous process improvement initiatives;

•Performs related work as required.

Some Expamples of Required Knowledge & Abilities:

• Knowledge of the laws of the State, County, and City as applied and enforced in this jurisdiction;

• Knowledge of department regulations and procedures;

• Knowledge of proper police actions and responses in a variety of settings and situations;

• Knowledge of methods and techniques appropriately employed by police in a variety of circumstances;

• Skill in carrying out a variety of police procedures used in crowd control, traffic direction, arrest and detention, preservation of evidence, first aid to ill and injured, operating a motor vehicle in a variety of conditions, questioning suspects and witnesses, and others as developed through training and experience;

• Ability to operate the following equipment and tools: automobile, firearms, nightstick, handcuffs, two way radio, emergency and first aid equipment and other police equipment;

• Ability to work under general supervision from field supervisor, but covers beat for patrol singly or with other officer; exercises considerable discretion and independent judgment in serious life situations within limits established by law and policy;

Acceptable Training & Experience

• Training and experience as prescribed by the Civil Service Commission.

Visit our website at or click to download an application.

Submit your completed application to:

Applications accepted until: 4:00 p.m. January 12, 2017-NO EXCEPTIONS!

Incomplete applications will not be considered. An application will ONLY be considered complete if all attachments are included. Please review your application prior to submitting.

Physical Fitness Test

Saturday morning, February 4, 2017

You must pass the physical fitness test to proceed to the written test.

Written Test

Saturday afternoon, February 4, 2017

*Qualified applicants will be invited to position testing with the exact time and locations.*

Posted 11/15/16

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