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Report Specialist & Backup Operator

Cedar Rapids, IA

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Report Specialist & Backup Operator

UFG is looking for a report specialist and backup operator to maintain report distributions and the setup and modifications of Synergy reports. This position is also responsible for the job maintenance and set up of a Xerox print environment. This position will perform Computer Operator duties on all shifts as a backup to the regular operators for vacations and sick leave.

Job Requirements

•Write new or modify job setups in Online.jsl and distribute updates as required.

•Test job setups to ensure print is formatted correctly and that reports view properly in Synergy.

•Add, change, delete report and routing definitions as requested by IS personnel and user areas.

•Assist with problems and questions concerning reports, their distribution and routing, and reruns as they occur.

•Perform daily maintenance functions to ensure all reports are loaded into the system, review for errors and take corrective steps to get report(s) to load.

•Summarize job summary information and maintain Excel spreadsheets of performance statistics.

•Distribute statistics monthly to Director of Information Services and Executive VP of Corporate Administration.

•Perform backup computer operator duties such as production jobs, maintaining tape library.

•High school diploma required.

•Experience in the use of Microsoft Office software

•Training or experience with Microsoft operating systems.

•Knowledge of computer languages and equipment (WFL, Unisys Hardware and Software, Printers, Tape Drives, Windows Operating systems)

•Ability to work 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift as necessary

Posted 10/13/16

Job ID: 20477551
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