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Information Security Administrator

Cedar Rapids, IA

Job Information

Information Security Administrator

The Information Security Administrator will be responsible for the implementation, support and monitoring of a variety of enterprise wide information system defense products as well as the supporting policies and procedures

Job Requirements

• Design, implementation, maintenance and tuning of hardware and software technology designed to protect information security of the organization

• Perform regular inventory of data and system assets

• Configuration and tuning of logging and alerting systems through advanced SIEM technology

• Review alerts and data from sensors and creation of incident reports

• Continual internal and external network vulnerability scanning

• Involvement and coordination of incident response duties

• Monitor industry tools and trends for new technologies and make recommendations on their usefulness to the organization

• Perform regular software updates on servers and network appliances

• Attend regular training events, both industry and product specific

• Associate's degree in computer science, information technology or other related field

• Minimum of five years of experience in Networking, Security and Server Administration

• Expert knowledge of networking and security protocols

• Experience with PowerShell scripting

• Proficient with Microsoft Office suite of products, creation of systems documentation

• Expert knowledge in firewall protocols, implementation and best practices of firewall technology

• Understanding of encryption, encrypting technologies and PKI

• Experience in setup, maintenance and monitoring of a SIEM system

• Good troubleshooting, problem solving, documentation and communication skills

• Strong decision making capabilities

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Posted 09/15/16

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