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Family Therapist

Iowa City/Cedar Rapids

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Family Therapist

Overview: Systems Unlimited, Inc. is looking for Family Therapists in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids to provide child and family counseling services. This position will start as part-time, but can progress to full-time as the therapist builds their caseload. We are proud to offer our excellent health insurance plan to all staff working at least 30 hours per week, regardless of part-time/full-time status.


Must be licensed at the Master's Level in Social work with 2 years experience in working with adults and/or children. A valid driver's license and a driving record acceptable from a risk management perspective is required.


1. Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

2. Is committed to the Mission, Vision and Core Values of the organization.

3. Must be able to communicate efficiently and professionally.

4. Ability to work effectively with a wide variety of organizations and people.


1. Coordinate documentation with assigned clerical staff

2. Meet training requirements as determined by supervisor.

3. Complete documentation to meet all funding requirements.

4. Communicate consistently with supervisor, child, parents, school etc.

5. Establish and maintain professional boundaries in all areas of job responsibilities.

6. Attend staffings an supervision with licensed staff

7. Meet experience and supervision requirements for LISW.


1. Follow treatment plan developed by diagnostic staff.

2. Teach skills to children to address individual medical needs while following plan.

3. Document service in medical model to meet Medicaid mode.

4. Develop partnerships with community professionals.

5. Provide parents with skill building services in order to teach parents how to deal with child's medical needs.

6. Support parents in referrals for children and with funding assistance.

7. Provide safe environment for children.

8. Report concerns for safety of children to DHS according to Mandatory Reporter requirements.

9. Turn in expected program documentation in a timely and accurate manner.

10. Assist in scheduling and transportation of a child to a diagnostic assessment.

11. Collaborate and consult with child and family in order to track baseline and outcomes.

12. Implement appropriate intervention and strategies to meet medical needs of child.

13. Report changes in child that would result in changes to treatment plan.

14.Complete Diagnostic Assessments

a. Complete implementation plans to meet IME requirements

b. Complete remedial order and determine appropriate services for the child.

15. Collaborate and consult with child, parents and other professionals

16.Get releases signed.

17. Make appropriate referrals for child

18.Complete Social History.


1. The position requires the performance of tasks requiring multiple communication abilities along with the ability to make independent judgments under the pressure of time and circumstance.

2. Represents the organization in many different forums. Professionalism in actions and decorum as well as appropriate representation of the agency is expected.

3. The position entails a high degree of accountability and consequence of error. Errors in judgment can result in severe consequences to the agency.

4. This is a part time position. The nature of the position requires occasional work in the evenings and on weekends.

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Director of Family Systems

Location: Iowa City/Cedar Rapids

To Apply: Complete our online application at: Please attach your resume and cover letter.


Posted 09/21/16

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