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Dental Assistant

Cedar Rapids, IA

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Dental Assistant

Cedar Rapids Medical Office Plaza


Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:30PM

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Responsible for assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of patient oral health care. Responsible for assisting dentists, in coordination with other health care team members, according to Dental Health Center (DHC) policies and procedures. The patients to be served include infant, pediatric, adolescent and adult.



•Writes, reads, comprehends and speaks fluent English

•Completion of accredited dental assistant program


•Possess a current Iowa Dental Assistant Registration number

•Maintain BLS certification

•Maintain mandatory reporting certification

Special Skills/Knowledge

•Demonstrates proficiency in the manual skills and techniques required to perform basic/advanced dental assisting procedures in the administration of preventive services/education and the operation of complicated specialized equipment/x-ray equipment and computer software

•Demonstrates skill, organization and efficiency in performing required patient care activities

•Able to maintain and clean/sterilize all necessary equipment used in clinic

•Ensures adequate dental supply inventory for clinic

•Provides maintenance of equipment and retains relative documentation

•Ability to work well with diverse populations

Mental and Cognitive Traits Required

•Respects patient confidentiality in all communications and uses hospital Speak Up culture techniques as needed to ensure all associates are mindful of patient privacy

•Introduces self to patients, families and colleagues

•Maintains friendly, courteous and responsible interpersonal communication patterns

•Verbally presents factual, concise and timely information to the patient care team, dentists, and supervisor

•Exercises sound judgment, seeking advice when appropriate

•Directs concerns regarding patient care to the dental director and/or DHC supervisor

•Objectively directs concerns regarding unit processes and/or hospital policies to DHC supervisor and/or appropriate designee

•Grasps new concepts and acquires new skills as necessary

Behavior Demands

•Must be able to work well with all customers, coworkers, and multidisciplinary team members.

•Must demonstrate a cooperative, courteous and dependable working performance.

•Must possess high integrity and maintain confidentiality at all times.

Age Specific Requirements (Describe the age group of population served)

•Must be able to modify delivery of care to all age groups:

• 0-12 months

• 12 months – 17 years

• 18 years – 65 years

• 65 years and older

•Demonstrates ability to assess and treat patients of all ages; modifies treatment delivery and language appropriately.

•Considers special needs and behaviors of specific patient age groups served when performing job duties.


•The associate is aware of hospital and department compliance for federally funded healthcare programs (e.g. Medicare and Medicaid) regarding fraud, waste and abuse. Brings any questions or concerns regarding compliance to the immediate attention of department or hospital administrative staff

•Purposefully conducts all aspects of the job in an ethical manner in support of the hospital's commitment to ethical behavior in all areas of personal and professional activity

•Successfully completes hospital-wide orientation, annual hospital competencies and department specific competencies

•For the safety of patients and co-workers, St. Luke's Hospital requires seasonal and job related vaccinations. This is reviewed regularly during periodic health assessments.

•Demonstrates good verbal and written communication skills with other health care team members

- Verbal communication is clear and precise

- Written communication is legible, if handwritten, and done in a timely manner

•Demonstrates flexibility and self-direction in meeting patient and department needs by responding as a team member. Sees the whole clinic schedule.

•Provides educational opportunities to patient, families and other health care associates based on pediatric/adult teaching-learning concepts

- Assists in the orientation of new associates by acting as a resource to learner, collaborating with dentists and supervisor

- Participates in the education experience of dental students and pediatric dental residents

•Provides professional dental assistant leadership through compliance with established department routines, policies, and procedures

- Coordinates and directs patient care activities by identifying those activities that require the judgment and skill of a dental assistant

•Accompanies and assists dental team with services provided in the operating room as assigned

•Assists in creating a positive work environment that promotes productivity

•Assumes responsibility for own professional growth and development

o Continually maintains and strives to enhance personal technical and clinical competencies in all job related duties

o Specialty certifications encouraged

o Participates in appropriated professional organizations

•Participate in mandatory education and department staff meetings, per established guidelines

•Participates in department and hospital-wide committees and performance improvement activities

•Complies with established infection control and risk management policies and procedures

•Performs other duties as deemed necessary to meet the hospital's mission and vision


•Technical/Clinical Skill (Competence):

o Has acquired technical/clinical knowledge and uses it effectively to improve job quality and individual and organizational performance

• Organizational Skill and Work Efficiency:

o Uses technical/clinical knowledge of the position and the department to help maximize personal and departmental effectiveness

•Flexibility/Adaptability to Change:

o Maximizes performance and opportunity in a constantly changing work environment

•Customer Service:

o Provides the highest level of care and/or service to customers, including patients, families, physicians, dentists, and others for whom we provide service, taking into account the age and relevant physical and psychosocial needs of the customer


o Works with others to achieve organizational goals

•Effective Use of Resources:

o Uses knowledge of hospital systems and resources to contribute to economic success

•Dentist Collaboration:

o Collaborates with dentists to ensure positive patient care outcomes and organizational outcomes


Posted 12/27/16

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