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Laboratory Supervisor

Anamosa, IA

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Jones Regional Medical Center, Anamosa, IA is seeking a Lab Supervisor


The Technical Supervisor is responsible for the management of the Laboratory Services department staff as well as daily and ongoing activities. Promoting the philosophy and achieving the objectives established by the hospital Board of Directors and Hospital Leadership is foremost among these responsibilities along with solving practical and strategic problems, resolving conflict and constructively leading change.


The Laboratory Supervisor is a member of Hospital Leadership and supports the direction and achievement of the hospital's short and long range goals. The supervisor is responsible for providing timely and effective services to all customers of the Laboratory, assuring that the professional and technical process is carried out. Customers include all age groups of patients, from neonates to geriatrics.


Minimum Education/Certification

Must be MT/CLS certified or eligible (AMT/ASCP or recognized equivalent).

Minimum Experience

Five (5) years of clinical laboratory experience.

The Laboratory Supervisor:

1. Will balance patient work (60%) with administrative responsibilities (40%).

2. Works in close cooperation with other Hospital Leadership. Direction is received from the Director of Laboratory Management.

3. Demonstrates personal commitment to Jones Regional Medical Center through quality job performance, a sense of responsibility for high achievement, professional appearance, awareness of current events throughout the hospital, and positive promotion of Jones Regional Medical Center.

4. Assists in attaining the institutional goals by promoting the development, preparation, implementation, and attainment of departmental goals, policies, and projects so as to improve quality, availability, and accessibility of services and information.

5. Is a key figure in ensuring that timely and accurate clinical diagnostic information is provided to healthcare professionals so that patient care and customer service is of the highest quality.

6. Directs the resolution of complex technical problems, utilizing resources as needed and providing consultation and advice.

7. Develops and assures the continuing effectiveness of all technical and clerical activities of the Laboratory departments as assigned. These activities include equipment and test validation, staff training, troubleshooting, procedure updating, result reporting, and quality assurance. Documentation is kept as appropriate.

8. Shares responsibility with the Director of Laboratory Management for preparation, implementation and monitoring of the FTE, operating expense, and capital equipment budgets to insure a sound fiscal operation.

9. Coordinates, leads, and coaches the people, teams and programs within the Laboratory as a whole to accomplish the goals and objectives of the hospital and the Laboratory to insure that Iowa Health System remains a leader in health care delivery. Is specifically responsible for mentoring the group of laboratory staff as assigned annually for performance assessment.

10. Communicates clearly, openly, and consistently with management and staff to assure common access to hospital and department information to promote trust and confidence.

11. Assures new associate completion of orientation checklists, orientation competency documentation and orientation assessments as required.

12. Performs annual performance assessments.

13. Assures competence of staff through monitoring a defined competency testing and documentation program.

14. Participates as necessary in counseling, commendation, and discipline of staff.

15. Provides leadership, motivation and guidance to other supervisors and laboratory staff, reacting to situations or problems in which they are involved, counseling and guiding their activities and making decisions when problems are encountered.

16. Recommends or modifies policies to enhance the effectiveness of present operations.

17. Recommends and adjusts department procedures and services as necessary for improved patient care, physician relations, public image, efficiency, and/or cost effectiveness.

18. Keeps current with new technologies in area(s) of specific responsibility; documents, prepares recommendations and implements decisions relating to capital equipment, procedures, clinical activities, and quality assurance to assure a competitive posture for the hospital and IHS.

19. Assists in preparing, reviewing, reporting, and adjusting practices within the laboratory, and especially within assigned area(s), to meet necessary standards for JCAHO, CAP, AABB, and FDA accreditation. Assures compliance with applicable state and federal law.

20. Recognizes the need to promote a personal and professional philosophy demonstrated by serving voluntarily with community services, state and/or national organizations. These services selected shall promote the enhancement of St. Luke's as a caring institution.

21. Is knowledgeable of hospital and department compliance requirements for federally funded healthcare programs (eg. Medicare and Medicaid) regarding fraud, waste and abuse. Brings any questions or concerns regarding compliance to the immediate attention of hospital administrative staff. Takes appropriate action on concerns reported by department staff related to compliance.

22. Purposefully conducts all aspects of the job in an ethical manner in support of the hospital's commitment to ethical behavior in all areas of personal and professional activity.

23. Performs other duties as assigned.

24. Maintains a sense of understanding and compassion at all times while conveying energy and pride in all forms of communication: verbal, written, and non-verbal

25. Understands the feelings of another, and shows a sincere desire to help them. Involves listening carefully to them talking to them about their feelings and concerns, meets special needs and uses appropriate non-verbal behavior.

26. Accommodates the needs of others through the use of timely actions, clarification, apologies, considerations, and the offering of additional information.

27. Openly interacts with patients and visitors through greetings and introductions, courteous gestures, engaging listening and feedback in dialog, providing helpful information, and avoiding technical language.

28. "Commitment to Coworkers": Cooperatively seeks to support and contribute to the work of others by offering assistance, acknowledging accomplishments, applying fair and respectful treatment, and addressing conflict in an appropriate manner.

29. Upholds the information and dignity of the patient in the highest regard through private and appropriate conversations and security procedures such as filing charts, logging out of computer screens, closing doors/curtains, and covering patients.

30. Keeps work area and surrounding environment clean and safe, reports practices and situations that may cause harm. Follows patient safety policies including but not limited to hand washing and patient identification.

31. Performs careful and accurate work in any area as assigned.

32. Performs tests within specified turnaround time for assigned area.

33. Assures that QA guidelines are strictly adhered to before reporting any laboratory result.

34. Complies with methodologies, procedures and services in consultation with the Laboratory Director.

35. Participates in performing and documenting routine instrument maintenance as assigned.

36. Participates in problem resolution and instrument troubleshooting.

37. Documents all necessary information in the performance of technical procedures, including QC.

38. Reviews and/or writes procedures as requested.

39. Draws legal alcohol specimens.

40. Has appropriate training and performs collections of DOT, DHS and/or contracted service drug screens, including breath alcohol.

41. Has appropriate training and performs capillary, venous and arterial blood collections from all age groups, including neonates to geriatrics, as needed.

42. Consistently demonstrates attention to detail in following protocol for patient, sample, and aliquot identification and labeling.

43. Is responsible for executing and monitoring technical practices in order to meet necessary standards, recommendations and requirements of voluntary and government agencies (e.g., CAH, CLIA, CAP).

44. Demonstrates knowledge of computer programs.

45. Attends in-services, on the job training, and continuing education programs to meet developmental needs and keep abreast of new technologies.

46. Possesses ability and makes good independent decisions based upon knowledge of the overall functions, policies, and procedures of the assigned area.

47. Understands and adheres to all safety practices while performing duties to minimize any risk of injury and/or exposure to biohazardous material.

48. Communicates with the Director of Laboratory Management as necessary when problems or unusual circumstances arise and documents as necessary.

49. Greets all customers, including patients, donors, physicians and other hospital personnel, with a pleasant and professional manner and appearance.

50. Provides professional leadership, motivation and guidance to peers and other laboratory staff.

51. Is able to prioritize work appropriately and assists others as time and workload allows.

52. Promotes the development, preparation, implementation and attainment of departmental goals, policies and projects.

53. Communicates effectively inter- and intra-departmentally with other healthcare professionals and customers to provide accurate, timely information and to reduce problems and minimize exceptions.

54. Works in consultation with the Laboratory Director to assure services are consistent with the needs of the medical staff.

55. Assures adequate supplies are available and utilized in a cost effective manner.

56. Is aware of hospital and department compliance requirements for federally funded healthcare programs (e.g. Medicare and Medicaid) regarding fraud, waste and abuse. Brings any questions or concerns regarding compliance to the immediate attention of department or hospital administrative staff.

57. Purposefully conducts all aspects of the job in an ethical manner in support of the hospital's commitment to ethical behavior in all areas of personal and professional activity.

58. Performs other duties as assigned.

Posted 10/12/16

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