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Catalog Editor

Coralville, IA

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Leepfrog Technologies' CourseLeaf software is used by over 200 of the nation's most academically complex universities to manage their online academic catalogs and curriculum processes.

The Catalog Editor is responsible for reviewing catalogs for data integrity, organizing, and delivering client publications by using Leepfrog's proprietary software. The Catalog Editor edits publications to ensure compatibility of related materials and works with the implementation team to understand the client's needs.


• Responsible for the final website composition for clients.

• Performs a variety of editing functions in a clear, concise, and professional manner by:

o Consulting with other staff to ensure a common understanding of materials to be produced.

o Proofreading materials; ensuring technical accuracy of final copy.

o Reviewing copy at each stage of production, and making necessary changes.

• Talks with client staff to verify content if necessary. Recommends revisions or changes in approach, scope, format, test, methods of production and dissemination.

• Proposes and tests new enhancements to software for the benefit of the client.

•Adheres to prescribed deadlines.

• Enforces the direction and output of some contracted workers including the production schedule and delivery of the course catalog.

• Ensures that hyperlinks and navigation tools embedded in the client's catalog are appropriately designated.

• Reviews client publications to determine whether format or content anomalies exist and document them in standards for each client.

• Maintains corporate standards for publications with respect to order, style, terminology, and sequencing.

• Other duties as assigned.

Skills Required

• Ability to work in a fast-paced atmosphere and react appropriately to tight deadlines.

• Ability to interact effectively with others; work as part of a team.

• Problem-solve in an ever changing environment; adapt to change quickly.

• Excellent communication skills; develop and maintain communications in a cooperative and professional manner.

• Able to direct others remotely.

• Maintain a high level of organization.

• Able to work independently with minimal supervision.

• Possess a strong work ethic – be reliable.


Bachelor's degree in English, journalism, communications, or publications preferred. High level of internet literacy required with strong knowledge of web development tools and content management software systems is necessary. Incumbents must also possess competency with Windows OS, Microsoft Word & Excel, HTML, and other computer applications. Customer service skills required. Leepfrog Technologies is a flexible, team-oriented environment. The ideal candidate will work well in this type of setting and be able to adjust to client schedules.

Physical Requirements

Generally, the Catalog Editor position is considered sedentary.

Posted 09/02/16

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