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Customer Service Representative

Hiawatha, IA

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Customer Service Representative


As a Tier II Customer Specialist at Ready Wireless you will be called on to support any of the lines of business that fall under the Ready Wireless umbrella. You will be at the front-line of customer care and must possess the ability to provide top quality service to customers who may have issues with the performance of their device, their billing or cost of service, and the policies around their program. An ability to de-escalate customer concerns is a core requirement for this position.

Job Requirements

•Answering customer follow-up/escalation calls

•Following-up on Tier I escalations which generally includes calling customers back to further troubleshoot and hear out customer concerns

•Responding to customer emails

•Running reports

•Data entry/data correction

•Other Duties as assigned (During time where workload is light you may be asked to temporarily support other business units.)



•Great customer service/phone skills – no hard collections, customer satisfaction is primary role even when following up on collections

•Computer skills – will work in MS Office, Google Docs, shared drive, emails and various customer systems, must be very comfortable using a PC, ability to quickly learn new systems

•Time management and self-discipline to excel in manual based environment (You will not be micro-managed.)

•Ability to de-escalate and reassure customers while waiting for resolution

Self-sufficient problem solver

•Ability to work well with others to achieve team based goals

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Posted 08/31/16

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