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Lean Performance Improvement Consultant

Dubuque, IA

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The LEAN Performance Improvement Consultant will be a champion of LEAN methodology and culture, and overall performance improvement at Medical Associates Clinic and Health Plans. Under the direction of the Chief Operating Officer-Clinic, the LEAN Performance Improvement Consultant will support the performance improvement priorities and objectives of the entire organization through:
• facilitation and oversight of performance improvement initiatives and continuous improvement teams using LEAN philosophy, methodologies and tools
• providing support to team and individual performance improvement efforts through teaching and facilitation, collection and analysis of data, development of implementation work plans, performing impact analysis, and documenting measureable results
• training the organization in LEAN principles, tools and methods, change management, internal process review and other performance improvement methodologies
• developing performance improvement standards, assessing overall project and program effectiveness, and tracking and sharing lessons learned
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Posted 08/30/16

Job ID: 20266030
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