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Representative Payee

Iowa City, IA

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Representative Payee

POSITION: Representative Payee



QUALIFICATIONS: Education and/or a combination of relevant experience, continuing education and training that is judged to be adequate for success in the job. Proven aptitude for processing detailed information; for problem identification and independent problem solving; and, for working towards goals with people with varied abilities.

POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for managing the money of people who are unable to do so for themselves. Assists in budgeting, bill paying, checking account management, etc. Obtains referrals for services from the Social Security Administration, other social services agencies, banks, and other such community members.


Stays abreast of the requirements and opportunities available through Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, etc. by monitoring electronic and printed media.

Provides counsel and assistance to the staff responsible for the provision of services. Assesses changing realities, forms new perspectives and amends ideas as necessary.

Stays current and informed to assure that advice and counsel provided others are consistent with the realities of the internal and the external environments.

Creates and sustains partnerships with external and internal customers

Keeps all internal and external customers informed when changes occur.

Supervises and is responsible for all monthly bills for people served

Is responsible for recording deposits into both the collective account as well as into individual accounts.

Seeks out training opportunities for self and the agency.

Looks for ways to save time, money, and effort without sacrificing high standards.

Works closely with supervisor to assure that priorities and needs are clearly understood.


Temporarily replaces the General Office Support staff as required.

Completes other related job duties, as assigned.


Is responsible for keeping information regarding history, progress towards goals, checkbook balances. This includes the hard copy files and data base information.

The position requires the performance of tasks requiring visual, manual, communication, and analytical abilities within an independent work setting.

Works in an environment with numerous distractions while under deadlines.

Represents the organization in different forums. Professionalism in actions and decorum as well as appropriate representation of the agency is expected.

The position entails a high degree of accountability and consequence of error. Is responsible for handling confidential and sensitive information. Errors in decisions and work tasks can result in severe legal and financial consequences for the agency.

This is a full time salary non-exempt position with normal office hours of Monday through Friday 8:00A.M. to 5:00P.M.

Posted 09/27/16

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